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If you think that you’ve heard all the music genres ever played, then feast your ears on rare names such as jungle, breakbeat, liquid funk or drum and bass. It’s not every day that we are able to witness singers that defy the conventional, and it’s just as surprising that we get to adore them after a track has been played.

Truthfully, the new age of music has dawned on mankind and people who live in these current times can be considered lucky.

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Hailing from the musically-inclined nation of Great Britain, the band Rudimental is slowly gaining appreciation from music lovers and experts. Starting out as a makeshift musical ensemble in 2010, the members of Rudimental have never thought of being as famous as they are now.

Technically, this very skilled group is a neophyte in the music scene due to their short tenure, but it’s apparent that their passion to perform would take them to better heights.
The esteemed members of Rudimental include Leon Rolle, Kesi Dryden, Piers Agget and Amir Amor, all willing to please their listeners and hordes of fans at all times. Aside from the aforementioned genres, the band is also well-known for their confident approach to the established music category of soul.

As for the fortunate music labels that handled them, firms like Asylum, Atlantic and Black Butter aided them to penetrate the seemingly crowded music industry. Their journey to stardom has been dotted with numerous accolades such as copping a coveted nomination at the Mercury Awards in 2013, and a growing list of recognitions from the likes of the much-awaited Mobo Awards and Brit Awards.

The respected MTV Music Awards has also shown their love for the band as they gave them nominations for Best New Act and Best New UK and Ireland Act.

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It can be remembered that Rudimental became famous when they released a track entitled ‘Feel the Love’ in 2012. Shared with an equally talented singer John Newman, Feel the Love topped the UK Singles Hit Chart, gaining approval from the masses at that time.

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Some of the other releases from Rudimental have been utterly successful, cementing their name as one of the most popular Brit bands of 2016. Tracks like Waiting All Night, Right Here, Free, Powerless and Not Giving In are so solid that music critics have dubbed them to be a relevant pop band that would innovate the way that we see or hear music in the future.

In total, Rudimental was able to release two albums, namely Home (2013) and We the Generation (2015), both of which placed well on music charts the across United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and hopefully, worldwide.

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