Zara Dips into Versatility through the Ungendered Collection


Breaking gender barriers is a key move for the fashion industry to reach as many people as it could. The realm of style has embraced the likelihood that every gender should have a say in what looks good and what doesn’t. Several companies and even modeling agencies have opened their doors to cater to the members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community to take an integral part in making fashion flourish even more.

We now have lots of men who seem a bit aloof before in walking on runways, women who wear androgynous outfits and a mix of both. The entire human race is now as one in keeping the business alive, throwing in contributions for it to surpass its own form every now and then.


Zara is widely known to have supported all genders when it comes to the collections and pieces they have released in the market. Catering to men and women, this illustrious company has supplied luxurious and sophisticated clothing lines, as well as ready-to-wear items that are affordable and accessible to many.


Zara, a brand so bold and ideal, yet again shocked the world by releasing the Ungendered Collection, which generated applause and accolades from the mainstream fashion industry.


From the namesake itself, the Ungendered Collection is Zara’s latest contribution to the burgeoning concept of fashion for all. This is the brand’s first major take in promulgation a collection that puts focus on garments and items that are gender-free. Zara, despite its reputation for grand launches, kept it on the low for the Ungendered Collection, leading to more intrigue and heightened curiosity.


The Ungendered Collection is known to have eight pieces including hoodies, jeans and shirts, which comes in three basic colors of navy, grey and white. Zara also ensured that the Ungendered Collection can stretch to pragmatic clients, listing it under the TRF line which means that it is accessible to the masses.

Zara’s Ungendered Collection thrives on giving men and women the option to look fashionable without the drama of designs, colors and prints. Most of the items under this collection is priced below $50, meant to channel comfort and are decidedly cozy.


The philosophy of having a unisex collection has been a dream come true for the eponymous brand, and this is just the start of the many surprises that Zara is cooking up for their market. Many fashion enthusiasts have also applauded Zara’s bold move into releasing this collection as it veered away from what they are known for: high-fashion and high-street style.

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