X Factor winner Ben Haenow features Kelly Clarkson in his new video

Ben Haenow

It is an AI meets X-Factor kind of thing as the 11th season X Factor winner Ben Haenow teams up with first ever American Idol Kelly Clarkson in the former’s single entitled ‘Second Hand Heart’.
The song is Haenow’s first single in his self-entitled debut album. Fresh from the win last year, the singer admitted that he is extremely honored to collaborate with Clarkson with his first track, describing her voice as ‘insane’(of course, he meant it in a positive way).

The music has this certain dab of country in it, which was further emphasized by the grasslands and stable settings shown in the video that was shot in Nashville. Hearing Kelly’s part of the song brings us back to the time when she was still starting and her sound had a country vibe.

Also, let us recognize how good Haenow’s voice is as it sounded beautiful with the phenomenal singing prowess of Kelly. It is true that he is just starting after bagging the title from last year’s X Factor, but there is no denying that with what he showed in this song, he is already on his way to success.

The upbeat rhythm is captivating enough, but if you listen to the lyrics, you will realize that it has promise in itself. The words stringed together are about a lover that just came from an unfortunate circumstance. The chorus itself is like a plea for the other half of the relationship to just stay because healing is on its way and that there’s an attempt coming from the wounded party to repair things.

Hear the song once or twice and have these lines stuck on your mind as you hum the track’s catchy rhythm:

If you let me show you, I could love you the same / And I can’t steal you the stars, but I can try every day / Oh, you know they’ll never tear us apart / And I’m just a fool, but I swear I can change / I can’t steal you the stars, but I can try every day / And you know, you’ve got my second hand heart.

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