Whowho is not your usual KPOP band

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Listeners of KPOP may be used to the eccentric facade of the said genre but digging a bit deeper may prove that there is more to this music classification than the illusions that capture the eyes. While mainstream media shows a greater truth about the extravagant vibe that surrounds KPOP, there are some that would veer away from the common concept and resort to a sound that’s completely different from the familiar.

Meet Whowho – a South Korean band that chose to line up with electric-sounding music that’s somewhat synonymous to the western tone of Daft Punk. Unlike the arresting looks and very polished style of most KPOP singers, this three-man band resorted to a more laid-back style and indifferent look that is quite relative, especially for band lovers from the street.

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At first glance, these guys can pass as performers who do stints on major music gatherings like Coachella and Glastonbury. The easy going aura mixed with a fun mix of guitars would really be a hit on international music fests.

Another reason why this band has the potential of being an international star is because they sing English lyrics in their songs, allowing them to reach a broader audience. With the fun and upbeat tempo in their sound, it will not be surprising that these boys will captivate the interests of the younger crowd.

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One of the most remarkable songs they have by far is the track entitled ‘Her’. Reminiscent of the good western flavor that is dominating the international scene, the band was able to gain attention due to the contrast of their music versus typical KPOP.

The indie band that plays pop rock with a hint of funk is very endearing to watch live. Some of their songs also include Love, Dance in the Rain and Bye Bye. Thanks to their videos uploaded in YouTube, many are able to recognize the talent of this emerging group.

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