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Bangalore or Bengaluru is also known as the “Garden City”. It is the capital of Karnataka is the technological hub of India and is where the country’s new, confident and global identity is being forged, it is like a techie paradise boasting the highest concentration of IT companies in India. Wealthier Indians flock to live here, Bangalore has become a cosmopolitan city with a vibrant café and bar culture.

Although the city might lack historical sites, but it is also a perfect place for exploring the beautiful temples and evocative palaces of the Deccan. There are plenty of gardens, museums, natural features, palaces and temples. Bangalore is the fifth largest city in India and is said to be the fastest growing city in Asia.



Bangalore is in southeast of India in the state of Karnataka. It is in the heart of the Mysore Plateau with an average elevation of 900m of 2,953ft.

The majority of the city of Bangalore lies in the Bangalore Urban District of Karnataka and it is also surrounded by the rural areas that are a part of the Bangalore Rural District.



Bangalore is not like the other parts of India, which are extremely hot during the summer months. In Bangalore the climate is relatively mild and moderate throughout the year. Summer season is from the months of February to May.

The monsoon season is from the months of June and October, while the winter season is on the months of November to January. December is the coldest month, and the best time to visit Bangalore. Summer temperatures can reach up to 36°C and the winter temperature hovers around 12°C.


Kempegowda International Airport(4)

The Kempegowda International Airport is the international airport serving the Indian city of Bangalore. It is 4 kilometers to the south of Devanahalli and it is 40 kilometers from the central business district of Bangalore that is 30 kilometers from the Bangalore City Railway Station.

It covers 4,700 acres that can cover both local and tourist coming in and out of the country, and in Bangalore.

What to see

Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace(5)

It was built in 1887 by Chamaraja Wodeyar. The Bangalore Palace is inspired by England’s Windsor Castle.

This beautiful palace has a Tudor style of architecture, with fortified towers, arches, green lawns, and elegant wood carvings in its interiors.

Vidana Soudha

Vidana Soudha(6)

Vidana Soudha is one of the famous landmarks in Bangalore. This enormous building is a massive example of neo-Dravidian architecture.

It has four domes on its four corners. It is housed by the Legislative Chamber of Karnataka Government, and it also accommodates many government departments. And it’s stunningly beautiful and illuminated at night.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Lalbagh Botanical Garden(7)

This amazing and enchanting garden is 240 acres. It has a rare collection of tropical and sub-tropical trees and plants, and a majestic glass house built on the lines of London’s Crystal Palace.

The garden was made in the 17th century by Hyder Ali, and later completed by his son. The garden has a glass-house that was constructed in the year 1889 to commemorate the visit of the Prince of Wales.



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