Violent Lips, Temporary Lip Tattoo

FASHION- Violent Lips, Temporary Lip Tattoo
Lips are accents that completes the entire make- up and one fashion discovery was labeled last 2011 and that is the so called removable Lip tattoo or known as lip stickers. These products are fancy to teenagers especially to Hollywood actresses and singers.

Some of the famous people have already used this beautiful easy to use make-up line such The Kardasians and many others. Lip stickers are safe and easy to use it is composed of non-toxic materials that are not harmful to your skin so if you are an on the go type of person who is always on the rush this is one solution to help you solve that long makeup routine, try using this easy stick on lip stickers.

One famous brand is the so called “Violent Lips”. Violent Lips is a cosmetics company formed by entertainment industry veteran Jeff Haddad. This company sprouted from his daughter’s ideas Isabella and Sophia. The Haddad sisters were caught playing with their mom’s temporary Chanel tattoos and ended affixing them to her lips.

The products composition is said to be all natural and upholds or contains vitamins in it making your lips look shiny and vibrant looking the products are also latex and gluten free, these are also considered as FDA approved and all are made in America.

Applying the stickers are as easy as one two three all you need to do is to choose from a variety of designs from glittery down to the polka dots or animalistic prints or their striking color combinations then remove the appliqué from its stencil, line it on your lips and cut according to the guide at the back of the sticker then peel the appliqué seal it with a generous amount of water using cotton swabs then wait for 5 minutes for it to fully dry and you’ll have your screaming lips ready for the party.

Their products have been featured by several famous brands such as Elle girl, Vogue Italia, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, MTV style and Essence and most especially these little babies are already worn by the renowned Kardasian sisters. These Lip stickers are easy to use and it can last up to 8 hours so if you are in a party you will save more time going to the restroom jut to do a retouch on your lips. Now this is the ultimate Lip expression!

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