Vintage loving for Gucci’s 2016 Spring Summer collection

Gucci 2016 Spring Summer collection (1)

Gucci is taking dressing up into whole new level for this year’s Spring/Summer collection. The touch of opulence is there, noticeable and presented generously. The nerdy aesthetic that the brand is known for can still be felt as the clothes for the said collection are unveiled on the runway piece by piece.

This is like seeing the 70’s get the lead post running the show with a classical glam vibe. Spring and summer are about being free and marching under the sun’s glimmering rays, but Gucci’s take this year is unlike the common conception as the brand decided to define the season as frumpy instead.

Gucci 2016 Spring Summer collection (2)

Set aside skin bearing clothes because the Italian fashion house has a different point of view. Something that’s not as usual as midi dresses were armed with sleeves trailing down to the wrist.

This is a no-monochrome collection as the majority of pieces are backed with rich and affluent prints derived from blithe nature during summer. This is probably the brand’s adaptation to the season that the collection caters to.

Gucci 2016 Spring Summer collection (3)

Women are redefined as prim and proper as there are huge designs that include the returning bow ties and collared close necks. Anti-fit as they may seem, ladies who are into lazy dressing while looking ultimately polished can identify themselves with this collection.

This batch does not flirt with the imagination in an alluring and teasing way. Cross out showing skin as these designs will demand esteem and reverence; a given for a lady boss without having to ask for these upfront.

Let us not forget the shoes. No frump styling will be complete without finishing it with a pair of grandma-inspired shoes. Mullets are taking over as sighted on some fashionistas, but the winners that took all the attention were the patented platforms and clogs that completed the persona of the 70’s glam.

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