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Sometimes, it’s better to keep walking forward and see what the present will bring as it connects to the future. Take a break from usual destinations that look back at the great old times. Sure, castles and fortifications have an appeal of their own, but try engaging in a place that celebrates modernity in the jovial city of Sheffield.

No longer is this city restricted by steel as it grew substantially into a hub that honors innovation through the abundance of museums and other art locations that will surely inspire the cultured side of its visitors.


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A city found in South Yorkshire, Sheffield is within the valleys of the River Don. As a matter of fact, the name of the city itself came from the River Sheaf and has gained prominence especially during the 19th century due to its contribution when it came to steel innovation including stainless steel.

It is found within the four tributaries of the River Don namely Loxiety, Porter Brook, Rivelin and the River Sheaf.


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The climate in the city is temperate with precipitation even in months considered as the driest. December is the wettest month while July is the driest and the hottest.

Winter happens is from December to March.


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The city does not have its own airport but is surrounded by other international airports nearby including Doncaster International Airport, Leeds Bradford International Airport, East Midlands Airport and Manchester Airport.

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Trains are also one of the options to reach this city. Operated by the Midland Main Line, cities like London, Liverpool and Manchester can be reached via trains that pass through Sheffield.

On the other hand, East Midland Trains travel all the way to France and Belgium as well, which is why travelers coming from these countries cans resort to this route, too.


Millenium Gallery

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This is a prime location for art enthusiasts found in the city. The museum was founded in 2001 and has gained prominence. It is even charted as one of the most visited spots in Europe.

Here, there are two permanent exhibits including Ruskin and Metalwork collections. Temporary exhibits and corporate functions are also allowed here.

Winter Gardens

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This large and innovative glasshouse serves as a home to more than 2,500 species of plants that are found in different parts of the globe.

Composed of numbers of greenhouses, this award winning temperate glasshouse is also one of the most famous destinations in the city.

Kelham Island Museum

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This is where the industrial history of the city is told. Opened to the public in 1982, this museum exhibits different memorabilia that tracks back to the prime days of the city when it was being hailed due to its contribution to the steel industry.

Peace Gardens

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The park is a public space that boasts some of modern features including the Goodwin Fountain that was dedicated to Sir Stuart and Lady Goodwin who happened to be one of the leaders of the stainless steel industry during the golden days of the city.

There’s also the Holberry Cascades that signifies the four rivers surrounding the city and the steel industry that put the city on the map.

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