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People don’t realize how much they are spending until faced with the receipt. There are times when we don’t seem to care and buy things that we don’t really need. We all regret these decisions afterwards. But since we are intelligent, we seek alternatives in reducing our spending and we have all resorted to the wonderful act of haggling.

Dating back to olden times, haggling is an indispensable part of commerce and trade, and it is through this technique that more and more people have found financial liberty. Instead of just saying yes to the price tag, consumers are now keen on slashing off an amount from the original price before making a purchase. Below are some tips that you might find useful, if you haven’t mastered haggling just yet.

The key attitude in haggling effectively is to be nice at all times. Aside from the fact that this is quite a common trait that everyone should have, talking to an upbeat, positive, patient and polite consumer would change the game on the seller’s end. The best hagglers are those who are the easiest to communicate with. Always remember that you’re the one asking for a favor, so you should make a move towards being liked.

When bargaining, it’s also suggested for you to keep the tone down as much as possible. Being discreet would suit you and the seller in terms of flexibility. You don’t want all of the customers to haggle the same way as you did, so be wise enough to keep your secret.

You must be responsible in knowing the product, the competition, the right price and the profits of sellers. Being knowledgeable in product information would make the seller think that fooling you is never an option.

While some might look at haggling negatively, you just need to swallow your pride to maximize the use of your hard-earned salary. Confidence is a skill that you should also master and always bear in mind that haggling is something that everyone does.

Timing is also essential and experts say that the best time to haggle is at the very start of the day or last minutes before the store closes when the crowd is thin. You should also look out for quarterly or annual clearance sales because this is when stores put forth all of their unsold products that need to be liquidated.

If your haggling skills aren’t working at all, politely accept the deal that the seller sets, craft a believable excuse to get out of that store and be resilient enough to hunt for new prey.

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