Trendsetting – Fashion for everyone!


In the vast market for fashion, a lot of trends and designs have come across different styles and varieties that make us consumers hungry for more. At some point, we tend to think ‘out of the box’ and started to break the norms of our fashion lines.

Avant-Garde movement has surpasses a lot of disciplines including fashion. In our generation, the most bizarre fashion you can get up with will definitely give you applauses and recognitions that you have ever dreamt of. Designers could probably ran out of ideas which leads them to make clothes and shoes that consumers have never expected and fashion industry could never anticipate. Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and even Borat have become ambassadors of these so-called unique and distinct fashions. The glitter, furs, uneven shapes of dresses and dramatic range of color combinations has really defined the kind of life and entertainment we have nowadays.

But how does fashion affect our human society? In every culture, nations and groups, there is a fashion that we can associate to and even be part of it. Trendsetters companies can tell who and what their target market should be. Ralph Lauren and Armani know that their customers are businessmen thus, affects their own community and interests. On the other hand, Gap and Cotton On also make their way in providing the needs of their customers by designing their own style in the way they should be. Is being unique and having an out of this world fashion can really set you into your own pedestal against others?

Fashion has given humans a way to be recognized and to become part of a certain group thus, to give us a more meaningful and wonderful place to live. Being unique is not bad as long as you can show the world who you truly are. Besides, Lady Gaga was able to pull it through and made it to her walk of fame. So what about you? What’s your style?

Archie Fegidero

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