Paddle through the grace of Odense

(1)Odense Known as a biking capital, Odense’s beauty is beyond its pedestrian-friendly roads. Be acquainted with the historical landmarks and astounding surroundings that inspired the world-renowned fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. Become familiar with Denmark a little bit more by traveling to the city situated in its very heart and understand that there are […]


Rotterdam after rebuilt, a must-see new town feel

(1)Rotterdam As opposed to the celebrated feel-old facade of the majority of towns in Europe, Rotterdam is a refreshing take on modernity and present-day vibes through its structures and sights. ‘Resilience’ is the word that this city speaks as it triumphantly revived after destruction from bombing during World War II. The efforts of rehabilitation and […]


Come and visit the stillness Thandwe has to offer

(1) Myanmar, formerly called Burma, is known as a haven for back packers. Aside from the abundant culture and the unrefined streets that make the country unique, Myanmar is a destination for budget travelers. Spending a vacation here offers a new adventure to those who are accustomed to the glitz and bling of progressive cities. […]

Tybee Island

Uninterrupted Beaches at Tybee Island

(1) The beach means fun and unstoppable lingering in the sea. Paying a visit to one of Georgia’s most famous destinations means ceaseless enjoyment in the ocean with different activities to try while staying here. Do not underestimate the city because it is more than just beaches. Those who are not into crowded coastlines can […]

Cannon Beach

The Affluent tourist town: Cannon Beach

(1) Cannon Beach isn’t world famous for no reason. The diverse attractions this place has to offer attract travelers all year round. Aside from the beautiful beaches, the culture and arts found here are excellent reasons that made this place one of the best destinations in the world. Come and visit the town and experience […]


Simple Living at Its Finest in Coban

(1) Guatemala is a country that represents colorful festivals and an energetic populace. With everything going on, it is no surprise that Guatemala is known all over the world as a travel destination. One city that the country is rooting for is a place called Coban; an area wherein being simple is better than showing-off, […]


Soak Up the Sun and Be Historic in Limpopo

(1) When we think of the vast lands of Africa, we experience the ambience of history, culture, flora, fauna and everything under the wildlife category. You might have heard of Limpopo before, but shooed away the idea of visiting it since it sounded so distant from where you want to be in Africa. However, if […]