Unveil the concealed beauty of Kigali

(1)Kigali Kigali is more than its history. The present facade of the city proves that the unhappy past is over and that the present time proves that things have improved. It may not be part of the most popular destinations, but visit this place and learn a thing or two about humanity while mixing it […]


Timisoara, its culture and old age architecture

(1) There is something inviting about the beautiful structures found all over Timisoara. These edifices are like charms that lure visitors through deluxe beauty that is mainly rooted in the golden age of the past. Be reminded of the luxurious Byzantine and Renaissance eras as the buildings found in this city tell stories about the […]

Dorset's Coastline

Spend your vacation at Dorset’s dreamy setting

Dorset is a popular holiday getaway for those who want to get enjoyment from old-age structures and blue waters. What makes this place astounding is the variety of diverse recreational destinations that cater to almost anything people need on a typical vacation. The county is adorned by beautiful scenery from the tamed grasslands to inviting […]


The Merging of the Outdated and the Future Observed in Linz

The country of Austria is widely known due to its rich cultural heritage and incessant preservation of what it once was. While it is definitely important to always go back to our roots, the people of Austria also know the importance of moving forward to meet the demands of this modern world. The country has […]


The splash of fun put together the Unawatuna way

(1) Sri Lanka is your exotic bet for unique way of taking a break. Its rich cuisines that will not be complete without a dash of anything spicy may be remarkable, but aside from these, the country is even worth exploring through its beaches, beautiful shores and deep sea sites that exhibit the beautiful corals […]

South Padre

Water indulgence perceived in South Padre

(1) Seemingly a small community, do not be fooled by South Padre’s size as it has its own allure that draws tourists to come over every year. It may be more crowded during spring break, but there’s more to this beautiful beach town than the sea. It has other gems hiding within, but make sure […]


Quiet beauty found amid nature – Bonao

(1) Bonao might be one of the unexplored parts of the Dominican Republic, but it doesn’t mean it’s not worth the attention. Find magic in the rich greenery and proud rock formations that can pass for a total blow-out especially for those who have a heart for trekking and nature tripping. Get a chance to […]