Patara Beach

Patara: Remnants of the Lycian Life

    In the Turkish coast, eight kilometers south of Xanthos, there are two different kinds of life. One is the modern, laid-back stretch of shoreline perfect for a summer vacation and the other scattered on the Patara Beach are the Lycian Ruins. Experiencing two atmospheres blending together, Patara is Turkey’s treasured secret. It is […]

Castelo de Sao Filipe

Tour around the port town of Setubal

  We know how walking is good for our health and what makes this activity even more appealing is when the alley is adorned with beautiful sights that entertain the eyes. Get a dose of both enjoyable activities in the pedestrian-friendly city of Setubal and experience the atmosphere of old towns that allows you to […]

7.) Cameron Aquarium

A Sweet Treat from the Feisty Town of Waco

Texas is one America’s most visited states due to its blatant fusion of cultures that’s just appealing to the eye. With all the festivities observed in this huge place, many people have come to adore the merry life observed within its realms. Texas is all about the scalding heat of the sun, spicy food and […]


Listen to the story that structures in Cienfuegos have to tell

(1)Cienfuegos  There is this certain serenity in Cienfuegos that makes the city a flourishing place of tourism in Cuba. Aside from the country’s beaches located nearby, the city’s own charm and beauty have a way of captivating its visitors. It is no surprise though, because it boasts its own attractions. The buildings and splendid structures […]

Nelson travel

Sunny Regions and Tasteful Wines – Everything in Nelson is an Enticing Jaunt

(1) Nelson is the region where the sun shines most in New Zealand. With its lifestyle and postcard-perfect landscape, it is a destination on every vacationer’s itinerary. LOCATION (2) The region of Nelson belongs to the southern Island of New Zealand situated on its tip, particularly on the northwestern spot. The region has three national […]


Kanagawa will hug you with nature’s best wrapped in an urban setting

(1) Japan may have some of the busiest streets in the world especially those that are found in Tokyo, but there is more to its crowded streets. As a matter of fact, the country has places that offer stillness while not giving up on the modernity that made them one of the lead players in […]


Forever summers in Saranda

(1) The beautiful fusion of culture with stunning scenery is a major reason why Saranda is one of the most visited cities in Albania. Past the image of it as a famous beach town, the city has its own story to tell through its history, evident in its sights and edifices. If flirting with sea […]