Experiencing Continuous Development in Tulsa

(1) Dreams of residing in a well-developed city had been one of the many wishes that some of us have. With an advanced take on transportation, economy that is never dwindling, education system that supports intelligence and surroundings that are breathtakingly organized — we all hoped for this kind of society, close to perfection and […]


Draw Some Inspiration from Lexington

(1) When we were kids, our parents always taught us how important education is on our lives. As we grow older, we couldn’t agree more. Education is one of the few ways to attain a successful life in the future. If you’re well-schooled, chances are high for you to land jobs that you want, be […]

Dura Europos Ruins-

Dura Europos: Where History Lies

There are some places where you would think twice visiting – like the war-torn Syria. (1) Looking at it the Ruins of Dura Europos, it pales in comparison to the brilliant city lights of Paris or to the grandeur of famous basilicas across Europe; however, beneath every tumbled stones and every torn walls of this […]

Tokyo Skytree Tower

The Colossal Tokyo Skytree Tower

HISTORY AND STRUCTURE The Skytree tower in Tokyo is a colossal symbol of the Japanese capital, aside from the fact that it is also the tallest communication tower in the world. With a titanic height of more than 2,000 feet, Skytree is one of the world renowned tourist spots in Tokyo, a city that is […]

telegraph hill

Get Enthralled at Telegraph Hill, California

When you contemplate on palaces or castles, such places as London, Sterling, and Windsor suggest itself. But one might not anticipate that San Francisco, California should also be well thought-out. Julius Castle on striking Telegraph Hill is an abstruse secret, a gem concealed at the end of an isolated San Franciscan lane. LOCATION AND TRANSPORTATION […]


Visiting the Quaint Narragansett of Rhode Island

Narragansett is a humble city in Rhode Island. The Island is not as popular as other US destinations like New York or Las Vegas, but this spot is known for its beaches and summer recreation. LOCATION Narragansett is a settlement in Washington County, Rhode Island, USA. The town is informally branded as Gansett. The urban […]


Spain’s Priorat Region

The Spanish wine region of Priorat is a remote and rocky place which is known as the birthplace of intense, minerally reds that many wine writers and collectors consider to be Spain’s most elite wines. The distinctive slate-and-quartzite soil (locally called llicorella), an abundance of sunshine and an energetic group of young winemakers have earned […]