Sit back and Enjoy the Sweeping Ambience of New Zealand’s Napier

  (1) (2) Movies have made us aware of what it is like to live in a city that hugs a huge body of water. Commonly known as seaport cities, these fascinating areas are dotted with various interesting things. From the sound of the chaotic ports for its daily activities, the humid or frigid ambient […]


Revel on Coober Pedy’s Well-Hidden Sights

(1) To some, living underground is a daunting task but to others, it’s a way of life. People who have stayed in this little town in South Australia deserve a tap on the back for simply living in their so-called ‘dug-outs’. Aside from their odd and somewhat primitive abodes, the locals of this blessed patch […]


Moving Forward to a Utopia in Karaganda

(1) Similar to the country’s capital city Astana, this land hundreds of kilometers away does not shy away from leaving its history behind for the better. Karaganda, which was previously a coal and labor camp, is now realizing its full potential as a popular travel destination with its upgrades from the last couple of years. […]


Put Rabat on Your Travel List and Never Regret It

(1) If you’re blessed enough to reside in a developing city where comfort and purpose meet, then you’d definitely adore the ambience that is found in Rabat, Morocco. Gone were the days when this humble area was tagged as one of the dullest places in the country. Now, you’d love the laid-back ambience, the streets […]


Keeping You at a Heavenly High in Lagos

One of the most unbelievable places on Earth is Lagos in the country of Nigeria. Every inch of space in this city is well-packed with bustling locals and vehicles, noise is rampant especially at their lively market and the town is bursting through its edges as if the land where it stands will never be […]


Penticton Would Make You Beg For another Visit

Sticking to how it got its name, Penticton is sure to make you stay at this beach resort forever. Now dotted with multiple developments and slowly turning into an interesting travel destination for retirees, Penticton is sure to take your breath away through its simplicity and strong inclination to giving its visitors pleasure they’ll never […]


The Play of Sights and Sounds in Majestic Takayama

Japanese prefectures are always an enjoyable place to visit for a vacation. One of the most resounding names to have exemplified this notion is the small town of Takayama, under Japan’s Gifu Prefecture. If you want to be acquainted with Japan’s intrinsic history, going to Takayama will help you get the information you are seeking. […]