Are you an adventurer? Cape Verde is the place for you!

(1) Cape Verde is not the place for a dream holiday but if you’re ready for an extreme adventures this is the place for you. This Island is about 500km off the coast of West Africa. It is a very challenging and interesting place. If you love the sea, outstanding mountain landscapes with a great hiking […]


Dunedin and the Delight Amidst the Hills

(1) When you want to breakaway from the hustles and bustles of your everyday metropolis life and want to stretch thy muscle to feel the Earth revolve beneath your feet, you daydream of going into a place where the modern feats of human intelligence and the wondrous creation of Mother Nature fuse into a joyous […]


Disneyland- belongs to the world’s top amusement parks

(1) If you are such a fan of “hidden mickey” and “princesses stories” you will definitely go crazy over this subject about finding where the most visited Disneyland is in the world is and have a heads up of their blueprints and other plans for expansion in the future. The Disneyland theme park was designed […]


Submerge Yourself in Relaxation through Checking Out Manama

(1) Manama means ‘Sleeping Place’, but with its central atmosphere, its late-night shopping, and its lively bars and nightclubs, it’s hard to see when the city gets a chance to sleep. Manama is a night bird and people flock in on weekends for fine dining and an off-duty drink. For those who prefer an early […]


Sights at Montevideo

Take a step back in time and see the beauty of MONTEVIDEO the capital and largest city in Uruguay, a South American country. The city is a mixture of past colonial era buildings, beaches, and history. Montevideo, Uruguay (1) TOP PLACES TO VISIT Tourists visiting Montevideo have a rare opportunity to immerse in a wide […]


Not Bothered by Heat in Sierra Vista

(1) The pleasure of the sun bouncing off your skin and the scent of leaves being dried by heat had been one of the many reasons why selected persons loved the outdoors. Vast lands of clear prairies, the swirls of dust afloat because of wind gusts circling, the moisture of the environment which heightens adrenaline […]


Be Enchanted by Gauteng’s Tapestry of Scenes and Hope

(1) If you’re in the hot pursuit of urban atmospheres, Gauteng will captivate you. This trifling province is the burning heart of the South African state and the fiscal engine of Africa. Its epicenter is Johannesburg, the country’s largest city. Its center is undertaking a dumbfounding rebirth and its cultural life has never been so […]