Get a dose of the yesteryears at Fenghuang

(1) There is more to Fenghuang than the majestic beauty of the nature that surrounds it. Hailed as a Phoenix city of China, the evolution of the city from a mountain city to one of the country’s biggest tourist destinations is due to the preserved culture that emanates from the city in an effortlessly impressive […]

Tamsui District

Experience Taiwan’s Latest Offering for Travelers: Tamsui District

(1) Tamsui has never been a hot destination in Taiwan until 1998 when the MRT line was extended to touch the historic ends of this town. Since the nation that it belongs to is quite small in size, Tamsui has been regarded as a sweet escape from the city even though it is not that […]


Be in The Middle of Growing Lilongwe and Be Impressed

(1) You’ll definitely trade the tranquil life for a beach club or a mountain trail when you get to know more about Lilongwe. Hundreds of business establishments line the streets and it feels just like New York in a Malawi setting. Be delighted to know that Lilongwe also is home to several public markets that […]


Peek at the ancient city Xitang

(1) Discovering China and its unique culture as seen in its one of a kind architecture is like a trip through time. Going here makes you feel as if you are stepping into a different dimension that is truly exceptional. Going on a trip to this country and exploring every city helps you understand the […]


Skagen is a No-Fuss Beach Town

(1) If the idea of crowded beaches is a hassle, then the atmosphere on Skagen may work for you. Expect tranquility and remoteness as this secret paradise in Denmark holds beautiful scenery and astounding beaches that will help you relax without any pressure of socializing unlike other beach destinations surrounded by pubs and clubs. As […]


Urbane attraction in Sheffield

(1) Sometimes, it’s better to keep walking forward and see what the present will bring as it connects to the future. Take a break from usual destinations that look back at the great old times. Sure, castles and fortifications have an appeal of their own, but try engaging in a place that celebrates modernity in […]


Take the Mystified Streets of Bandipur and Revel in Them

(1) Coming out from the ashes, the small city of Bandipur in Nepal is set to uplift the country’s looming tourism with recent developments that have been implemented for the city’s welfare. Now enriching what Bandipur has as an ecological area, the city is now pegging on activities and edifices to preserve its natural wonders. […]