This 2015 Visit Bhutan

There are different types of travelers. There are those seeking parties, nightlife, and beaches. But there are also those looking for a sense of nature and spiritual growth. For those wanting the later, they could try travelling to Bhutan. Bhutan offers a panoramic view of the Himalayas. This famous mountain range is known to be […]


Sights to See and Foods to Eat at Poland

Through the years, Poland had gone through a lot. There was constant struggle to maintain independence. And after the Second World War, much of the country was destroyed. Luckily, with the help of the people, Poland was able to regain and build itself to what it is today. Poland has a lot of interesting places […]


Beach Paradise at Boracay

Beaches – these are the most popular vacation destination. There are a lot of things to do here: sun bathe, swim, play beach volleyball, participate in different water activities, and so many more. It is a perfect place for the family and group of friends aka ‘barkada.’ Every continent, every country has its own beach […]


Gastronomic Adventures at Italy

When people travel, whether for work, business or leisure it is hard not to taste and have a bite of their local cuisine. Each and every country would have their own signature dish and taste. Their food is a reflection of who they are and their rich cultural pass as well as traditions. The food […]


What to See at Tel Aviv, Israel

We have been in search of famous tourist destinations around the world. To name a few of those recognized worldwide: Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia, Sydney, New York, and London. There are also cities that are developed, have great architectural influence, and a unique natural beauty that are less common. One city that is worth mentioning is […]

Three Sisters Sydney

Other Beautiful Places to Visit at Sydney, Australia – Part 2

G’day mate! We have already mentioned about Sydney’s central business district in a previous article. One could not underestimate the uniqueness of the City because of the different famous tourist attractions such as Darling Harbor, Port of Jackson, and Hyde Park. But there are more places to visit, see, and explore outside the City. The […]


Where In New York?

Planning to go to the city of dreams? One of the most famous city and over populated place in the world, New York City. Thinking of the best time to pay that city a visit? NYC is a great place to visit all year round! But each season does have its boon and bane. If […]