Get a dose of the yesteryears at Fenghuang

(1) There is more to Fenghuang than the majestic beauty of the nature that surrounds it. Hailed as a Phoenix city of China, the evolution of the city from a mountain city to one of the country’s biggest tourist destinations is due to the preserved culture that emanates from the city in an effortlessly impressive […]

Tamsui District

Experience Taiwan’s Latest Offering for Travelers: Tamsui District

(1) Tamsui has never been a hot destination in Taiwan until 1998 when the MRT line was extended to touch the historic ends of this town. Since the nation that it belongs to is quite small in size, Tamsui has been regarded as a sweet escape from the city even though it is not that […]


Be in The Middle of Growing Lilongwe and Be Impressed

(1) You’ll definitely trade the tranquil life for a beach club or a mountain trail when you get to know more about Lilongwe. Hundreds of business establishments line the streets and it feels just like New York in a Malawi setting. Be delighted to know that Lilongwe also is home to several public markets that […]


Peek at the ancient city Xitang

(1) Discovering China and its unique culture as seen in its one of a kind architecture is like a trip through time. Going here makes you feel as if you are stepping into a different dimension that is truly exceptional. Going on a trip to this country and exploring every city helps you understand the […]

Pristine Sayulita

Pristine Sayulita is Mexico’s hidden getaway spot

(1) Not only does Mexico serve as a lair for world’s most beautiful people, the country also champions beautiful vacation spots that will surely amaze visitors. Mexico’s beaches may be crowded because of their popularity, but behold as the country hides one paradise that’s not as crowded as the vibrant coasts that most vacationers go […]


The Warmth and Fun Only Antigua Can Provide

(1) You might have heard of Antigua as a city so magical that it has never been duly exposed to worldwide tourism. Situated in the festive country of Guatemala, Antigua is its former capital which never lost its luster and magnificence amid the constant change that its mother country has gone through. (2) Set upon […]

Berat Albania

Berat, Albania’s window to the past

(1) Berat is your chance to peek at the Ottoman charm that was instilled back in the mid-1400s. It is one of Albania’s best bets for tourism that champions the country’s heritage and culture. Be amazed by the city’s allure found in its ancient structures. What’s more impressive is the preservation of these remnants making […]