Enjoy Fremantle’s youthful and stimulating vibe

(1) When a city is inhabited by a populace of an early age, it is sure to be expected that creativity and open-mindedness are some of the observable dominant traits. We can form a picture of street dancing being a usual act, painters and artists doing their mind-boggling stuff on avenues with a lot of […]


A different kind of exhilaration in six flags San Antonio

(1) When we plan for a travel, we normally put into consideration the more mature stuff like soul searching, relaxing and discovering new things as part of our main priorities. We often end up choosing a wildlife park, a remote island or a people-crowded beach and spend money and time on it for the sake […]

Casuarina Beach

The tropical Darwin, Australia

Who doesn’t want to visit Australia? One of the most beautiful places on earth. One outstanding place in Australia is Darwin, considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations when going to Australia. Now, let’s discover the beauty within a beauty. Location Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory of Australia. It is […]


Hola Havana!

Want to visit the largest city in the Caribbean? Hola Havana! Hello Havana! This city is the capital city of Cuba, and considered one of the most spectacular urban places on earth. If you want to relive the past you come to the right spot. Location This beautiful capital city of Cuba is located in […]

Giraffe Center-

A Beautiful city of Nairobi, Kenya

The capital of Kenya is Nairobi City, it is also called “green city in the sun”. This is a perfect place to visit for those who want to discover and reveal developed cities of Africa. Location Nairobi is situated in between Kampala and Mombasa, the city capital is adjacent to the eastern edge of the […]

Bermuda Island Aerial

Bermuda Island, not the triangle

Want some summer adventure to the beautiful island of Bermuda? Are you ready to discover the gift of Mother Nature? Suit up and pack your bags and head to North Atlantic, off the eastern of the United States. 1. Bermuda Island Location This island is not situated in the Carribean, it rests hundreds of miles […]


Underestimating Wellington would rather be inappropriate

The fun and enjoyment that one can harness from a place isn’t depending much on the land that it covers, or the waters that it owns. They typically say that size does matter, but this place begs to disagree. Despite the constraints in land area and its surrounding water territory, this travel destination depended on […]