Skimming Katherine’s Spacious Land Area

(1) When a travel destination has a huge land area, then it is expected to be bustling with a civilization pegged on high-top industries, complex communication between inhabitants and streams of people crowding every inch of space. But some places display the opposite—vast lands of resided land, concentrated human settlements, minimal skyscrapers and unassuming population, […]


Offers of Amazing Ambivalence in Klagenfurt

(1) Being one of Austria’s most visited cities, the pressure is always on in Klagenfurt. Bordering the modernized life of an urban area and the tranquil aura brought about by nature, Klagenfurt is truly a gem that the country is bragging about. The city’s very ambivalence magnets travelers from all around the globe, especially to […]

Yuyuan Garden-

Say Hi to Shanghai!

(1) Shanghai is also called as “Hu” it is the largest city in China. This eastern part of China is considered as the most influential center in the economic, financial, cultural, international trade, science and technology aspect that is why it is considered as the international metropolis from all over the world. The new skyscrapers […]

Autumn in Stuttgart-

Mighty and humble: Stuttgart, Germany

(1) Stuttgart is the love and pride of Germany. Boasting a number of museums, historical sights, and the birthplace of the many founding fathers of scientific theories and inventions, the city of Stuttgart has only progressed with time. Yet, in the periphery of its many fast moving cars, posh restaurants, and businessman in smart suits […]

El Castillo-

Exploring the mystery of Chichen Itza

(1) Chichen Itza once cradled an ancient city of advanced civilization, the Maya. Thriving in commerce and science, the Mayan civilization has its life in progressive path when Europe was still experiencing the bleak Dark Ages. However, at around the 1400s, its inhabitants left for unknown reasons, leaving the city in the hands of time […]


Crave Colors and Noise in Seville

(1) What sets this town apart from the rest is its ability to retain flamboyance and energy even after centuries have passed. They have been known for their colorful, flowy dresses worn by graceful women dancing the flamenco, the sun bathed roofs of houses set atop historic stones and the vibrant culture and practices being […]


Putrajaya, a fine-kept secret

(1) Be accustomed with culture and modernity at the same time with Malaysia’s kept secret hiding in Putrajaya. Get the taste of contemporary living and world class infrastructures and nooks fit for those who are looking for leisure and recreation in a cushy way. Location This planned city is located south of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s […]