Es-Salāmu-`Alēku, welcome to Cairo

Egypt no doubt is indeed one of the most sought after places in the world. However, one of its cities stands proudly above the rest. Right at the banks of the Nile River, lays Africa’s largest city, the 19th largest city in the world and one of the world’s most densely populated cities, Cairo. Cairo […]


What to Do at Anchorage, Alaska

Unlike other famous tourist destinations, Anchorage, Alaska offers visitors a unique view of snowy mountains and different winter activities. It is a place great for thrill seekers – hiking, fishing, and a lot more. This uniqueness has allowed the place to be recognized by the website as one of the “destinations on the rise.” […]


Top Five Sights at Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal The perfect vacation escape is a mixture of culture, tradition, sights, and comfort of technology. And what better way to experience all this and more? A visit to Lisbon, Portugal. Portugal is located on the westernmost area of the Iberian Peninsula in Europe. It overlooks the Atlantic Ocean on the west and south; to […]


Sights of Amsterdam

Netherlands The Netherlands is a humble country located on Western Europe and three islands in Caribbean. The region found in Europe is bounded on the east by Germany, on the south by Belgium, and on the northwest by the North Sea. Netherlands means ‘low country’ which is based after its topography. Majority of Netherlands lies […]


Santorini, the Jewel of the Aegean

If there’s a place that would get by for its looks alone, it would definitely be Santorini, Greece. Even if you usually see this scenic place in movies, one could not simply resist the urge of wanting to roam around this seemingly historic yet post card perfect view not only of the beaches but also […]

Ambergris Caye-

“A sea-rious adventure at Ambergris Caye”

When we talk about beach destination, one could not help but think of the Caribbean. With its breath taking cliffs, azure blue waters, fine white sand beaches and a culture popping out with diversity and flavour. But if there’s one place in the Caribbean that we can recommend, this will definitely be Ambergris Caye; the […]


Budapest, Hungary: Paris of the East

Hungary Hungary is a beautiful country located at central Europe. Every year it receives thousands of tourists. As a matter of fact, it is one of the top 15 most travelled destinations in the world. The country has a total area of 93,030 square kilometers, but do not be fooled for its size. There are […]