Within Nooks of Bodrum City

(1) Embrace the extravagance and refinement found in the graceful city of Bodrum with its gentle grandeur found on its beaches, clubs and fancy hotels. Not only does the place translates magnificence, but it also exudes serenity and peacefulness that still fit for those who are seeking for sweet escape in an exquisite kind of […]


Take the Beach Life in Coff’s Harbour

(1) Beach and the kind of life that it offers always has been one’s indulgent dream. The swaying leaves of tall coconut trees, the waters splashing on the shore, the gritty sand as it crunches below your feet and the euphoric aura that is being exuded just by the mere sight of the sun setting […]


Fulfill and Recreate in Burnie

(1) When a city is thriving hard to rebuild and reinvent, all things pleasant are expected to be seen. From the tangible developments such as road widening, numerous buildings being perched here and there, environment being taken care of and preserved, people busy as bees thinking about how they would be able to make their […]


Be Pleased with Gwanju’s Well-lighted Modern Skyline

(1) The big leaps in technology and the urgency to move forward had been the motto for this South Korean city since time immemorial. Equipped by law-abiding and well-driven citizens, it is not a surprising fact that progress is always within reach. Businesses are in full operation left and right, the streets always crowded by […]


It’s the bomb, Granada!

(1) Granada is arguably the single most worthwhile city in Spain for tourists. It is very rich in history and culture. The rich multicultural history, the Alhambra and other monuments, it also has a fun, young and vibrant nightlife due to student population. Granada offers a break from the summer heat. Spring and autumn are […]


Lucerne, From Alley Walks and Captivating Nooks

(1) Applaud the beauty of Lucerne’s in its marvelous architecture, historic sited and rich culture merged with the beauty of Mother Nature in the form of astounding lake and boasting sight of mountains. Location The city covers about 29.04 square kilometer land that houses about 80,000 human population. Majority of the land is used for […]


Seek Solace in Wollongong

(1) Break-free from the tiring giants of the metropolis and take a breath of fresh and pristine air by spending your precious time in a place where the beauty of nature is imminent. Be at your most laid-back self and dive into clear waters, rekindle your knowledge of verdant greens and be mesmerized as trickles […]