Texan city Corpus Christi

Boats and Unmistakable Serenity in Corpus Christi

(1) Traveling to the feisty state of Texas in the United States of America is such a worthwhile experience on its own. But if you wish to know Texas on a deeper level then head straight to Corpus Christi and satisfy this desire completely. With its location in the city by the placid lake, Corpus […]


Nis, with its pavements of past meets present

(1) Crossroads are usually a destination of confusion but not in Nis. This old city served as a gate between the West and the East and has seen the progress of time from the lavish medieval period until the present time. Witness the footprints left by the previous era and admire the beauty and grandeur […]


Kosice, a taste of past and present

(1) While Bratislava is celebrated as Slovakia’s powerhouse when it comes to industry and trade, its sister city Kosice proves that competition makes the world even more exciting as it is slowly gaining ground with the potential of snatching Bratislava’s glory days due to its growing economy as seen in the mercantile establishments located within. […]


The Minuteness of Shikoku is also its Greatness

(1) Japan is known as a country comprised of four islands. If you look at Japan on the map, there’s this one patch of land on its southern edge that’s slowly becoming a popular travel destination. Known by its name of Shikoku, it is the smallest and least populous of Japan’s four main islands, yet […]


Rising Above Expectations and Exuding Its Beauty – Otavalo

(1) A city is said to be well on its way to full development when its economy is healthily thriving as years pass. The economy is one of the most solid foundations where a civilization can lean on, and this has been proven effective at a small area in Ecuador’s Northern Highlands called Otavalo. Hailing […]

Saint Emilion

Present and past wrapped in Saint-Emilion

(1) Visualize your way through the greatness of one of history’s most celebrated eras as France’s Saint-Emilion, along with its famous winery industry, welcomes you to a medieval backdrop which is different from the usual recreational places modern world has shaped. If going to theme parks isn’t your cup of tea, then be a little […]


Let Loose With Your Beach Alter-Ego in Varna

(1) If you have an alter-ego who is easily enticed by the sound and smell of the beach, then don’t miss visiting Bulgaria’s most interesting coastal city, Varna. Soak up the sun and enjoy the glistening sea while taking a lazy stroll down Varna’s beautiful beaches and summer hotspots. Truly living up to its name […]