Never Be Left Out of Place in Nanaimo

(1) Nanaimo is one of Canada’s most visited destinations due to the town’s location; it is right in the center of an island. While Nanaimo might not have gained huge quantities of tourists compared to its neighbor Victoria, it placed itself as an interesting spot with fascinating boutiques and shops, feel-good scenery, countless dining options […]

cedar point

Lose Your Mature Facade in Cedar Point

(1) When the child inside us wants to come out and enjoy, we satisfy this craving by going to a theme park. The exhilaration, the cheap thrills, the iconic rides and the sheer happiness of the environment always make theme parks a sure hit. When we travel, we usually look for avenues to sate the […]


See the story Belgrade has to tell

(1) Belgrade at glance There is beauty in the old, especially when found in objects and places. The old tells us about the past from traces and their remains. See the trance of the good old days as Belgrade allows traveling back in time through the stories it generously tells in an artistic way via […]

saskatoon weather

Saskatoon and the promise of an enjoyable and relaxing trip

(1) Canada has been very much aware of this town’s effect on tourism and it ensured that accommodations, restaurants and other places of interest are established on its every inch. Saskatoon is really as resounding as the treasures it behold—from the huge farms that produce the ingredients used for their well-maintained watering holes to the […]


Cusco, the embrace of the ancient past in the modern world

(1) Machu Picchu This is where the ancient past reminds the modern world of the sequence in time that brought us to the present age. The hub where Inca civilization flourished, Cusco’s long standing resilience to progression through time is perceptible in the remnants left by the early natives who have established one of the most […]


Immerse Your Travel Craving Body in Kerch

(1) (2) Tracing its roots as far back as 2,600 years ago, the ancient city of Kerch in Ukraine is a budding place for travelers to pay attention to. With all its Greek inclinations and as a witness to the downfall of humanity in World War II, Kerch is truly rising to be a developing […]


Don’t Be Jaded with Maracaibo’s Ambivalence

(1) Reaping the benefits of being an oil melting pot and Venezuela’s second largest city, the rather confusing vibe from the city of Maracaibo is more than enough to keep you attracted and intrigued. Yes, Maracaibo is actually the country’s heart when it comes to oil production and yet; this scorching town is more than […]