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Visit the heart of Europe: Slovenia

(1) Slovenia is the only country in Europe that combines the Pannonian Plain, Alps, Karst, and the Mediterranean. This country is part of the famous organizations like the European Union, Schengen Agreement and NATO. It is a small country with a small population, which is located in the continent of Central Europe. The changing landscapes […]


Witness the enchanting metamorphosis of Vang Vieng

(1) Formerly a place where parties have been a common occurrence, the rehabilitating town of Vang Vieng in Laos is now a sanctuary that pretty much looks like a surreal scene from a very expensive painting. Gone are the days where most travelers avoid this very town due to high tendencies of being chaotic—currently, this […]


Start a new life in Boston

The lively city of Boston is the capital and largest city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United State. Boston has over 12 million tourists and visitors yearly from the country and all over the world. The city is known for their world-class educational institutions, cultural centers and sport franchise centers. This city also […]


Be time warped in the historical city of Pula

(1) Investing in its preservation of Roman architecture and the wondrous beaches dotting the whole town, Pula is slowly being recognized as one of the many reasons to visit Croatia. Not being marred by continuous industrialization, the town folk retained the glorious beauty of the city itself and laid contented with the resources they have […]


Be enamored with Pazin as how Jules Verne did

(1) Known worldwide for the chasm and the castle bundle, this greenish patch of land in Croatia is your dream destination if you wanted to exhale the strong aroma of nature every single second. The laid back aura and the carefree vibe that’s being displayed by its locals is one heck of an advantage to […]

Horse Ride-

A closer look to Golden Bay: Drifting to one of New Zealand’s perfect holiday spot

(1) The sun is yet to peak at the horizon, but there’s already a murmur of activity as the lazy morning comes knocking in the form of delish breakfast and popping of joints. And as the sun travels on its constant rhythm across the sky, so does the holiday-goers going from one destination to the […]

Building of Tax Ruse-

Be blown away by the beauty of Ruse

(1) Structures found in a place are an unspoken way of telling history and narrating the culture that’s dressing it. Wrap yourself in the beauty of praise worthy establishments and scenic views found in the ‘Small Vienna’ of Bulgaria, city of Ruse. Allow the charm of the place embrace you and the allure of the […]