mass tourism-


Mass tourism is the term used for a destination which has large amounts of visitors/tourists at one time. There are two categories of traveler in the world – the first one is the independent travel planner who likes to do things alone while the second one is the happy-go-lucky type who prefers that the whole […]


Travel to the Heart of Australia: Canberra

There are limitless options in travelling. One could opt to go to Europe and experience a sophisticated lifestyle or immerse in Mediterranean culture. Or they could visit Asia and take a unique experience in the Himalayas or bask along the shores of Thailand and the Philippines. The Pacific region is also a perfect place to […]


The Ultimate Euro Trip

Europe is swiftly becoming the most popular and most visited tourist destination in the world. In ancient Greek mythology, Europa was a Phoenician princess whom Zeus abducted after assuming the form of a dazzling white bull. So, Europe was a mythological queen of Crete, and not a geographical designation. This great continent is endowed with […]


Washington DC: the Capital of the United States of America

I have always dreamed of travelling, meeting new people, admiring their architecture, and immerse in their culture. And one of my dream vacation spot would be Washington DC. The most famous spots in Washington DC all in one shot: Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the United States Capitol We have constantly seen Washington DC in […]


TASMANIA: Paradise Down South

Get ready to go on an epic adventure down south – Australia. As mentioned in previous articles, Australia is a go to place for relaxation and fun. But unlike previous mentioned Australian cities, the next place we would tour is an island just south of the mainland – TASMANIA. Tasmania highlighted in red (1) TASMANIA […]


Prayer warriors in pink

The Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters are publicly known as The Pink Sisters. They are fondly termed as the Pink Sisters because of their rose pink-colored habit, which they wear to honor the Holy Spirit, although they can only be seen behind the iron grills of the altar. The nuns’ presence in the chapel gives the […]


The Scenic View of Batanes, Philippines

When visiting places, it is not enough that we see the city – the tall skyscrapers, hustle and bustle of people, and man-made architectural beauty. We should try to immerse ourselves in the rural landscape – mountainous tops, hospitable native tribes, and natural beauty. And in the Philippines one rural landscape that should be seen […]