Perfect Weekend at Hong Kong and Macau

Looking for the perfect weekend getaway with family or friends? Look no further, because a trip to Hong Kong and Macau will definitely suite you. It is a perfect weekend destination for all ages – from grandparents, parents, teenagers, to grandchildren. Map showing the proximity of Macau(dark green) and Hong Kong (mint green) Why is […]


Four Things to Do in Greece

Hellenic Republic, popularly known as Greece, is a country located at southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. It is in a strategic location for trade between Europe, Asia and Africa. Aside from trade, it is a tourist destination because of the long coastline along the Mediterranean – a perfect place for rest and relaxation. The […]


Japan: the Land of the Rising Sun

Japan or ‘the Land of the Rising Sun’ is well known for its modern technological advancements


A Glimpse of Bali, Indonesia

There are many parts of the world worth exploring. There are historical and cultural sites, eco-adventures, and modern developments. One place worth exploring is Indonesia. Indonesia Republic of Indonesia has a total of 17, 508 islands spread along Southeast Asia and Oceania. It occupies an area of 1,904,569 square kilometers and considered to be the […]


Jamaica: an Island in the Caribbean

Jamaica is a quiet island country located in the middle of the stunning Caribbean Sea. It is one favorite tourist getaway destination because of the beautiful and relaxing beaches surrounding the island, the rich cultural history in towns, and humble and accommodating Jamaican people. So take a break, and get ready to experience something truly […]


Escape to Palawan

We all need an escape from the bustling city life. Our hectic schedule, demanding tasks, and polluted environment have caused us to be stressed and burned out. It is time to take a break. And the best place to unwind is with nature. A popular getaway is at Palawan, Philippines. Palawan, Philippines Palawan, Philippines is […]


Must See Tourist Destinations at Rome, Italy: the Eternal City

Italy Italy is a humble southern European country. It is the fifth most populated country in Europe and one of the most developed countries worldwide. Many tourists visit the country each year because of its historical importance, cultural contributions, and modest people. It stretches from the Alps to the Mediterranean Sea forming a boot-shaped peninsula. […]