The upward and multi-colored rise to fame of Taichung

(1) Even after several years of colonization from nearby Asian countries, the city of Taichung remained glorious and slowly becoming a tiger market over the past few years. Opposite to Taipei as the Taiwan’s hub for heavy industries and commercial spaces, this humble town caters to and nurtures on an occupation that involves light industry. […]

Bergen Norway-

The Best of Bergen: A fusion of local scenes and panoramic views

  (1) Bergen, no doubt, will always capture the heart of its visitors. Surrounded by fjords and hills, nothing is lacking when it comes to panoramic sight in Bergen. However, these beautiful gifts of nature are not the only things that should be celebrated in the city. A dynamic local scene, even a day around […]

mombasa climate

Undeniable beauty lurking in the depths of Mombasa

(1) When its thrill and adventure that you’re after, ensure that you will have the rough city of Mombasa on your list as it will definitely satisfy your insatiable cravings. Dotted with a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the daily lives of inhabitants going about their errands, the smell of burning greens on a nearby forest […]


Retaining cultural roots and enriching magic in Levoca

(1) When a city is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is quite expected that the place is bursting of the rich history and tapestries of local color and defunct societal ways. Retaining its ancient structures and boasting their architectural pegs, the little town of Levoca is sure to be remembered as one […]

goa india

Let’s go to Goa, India

(1) Goa is in the western part of India. It is a former Portuguese colony. It has a perfect and unique blend of Indian and Portuguese rich history and culture in one, including its architecture that fascinates over visitors each year, including the foreign tourists. Goa has been attracting a fixed number of visitors and […]


Oak Park’s Grandeur can be easily connected with Hemingway

(1) If you don’t know Ernest Hemingway, you might have been sleeping during your literature class and missed how great a writer he is. He had been one of the most prolific on his craft, and soon afterwards, Hemingway is quoted everywhere. In every legend like Hemingway comes a hometown where his talent had been […]

gyula castle

Gyula and Its Enjoyable Spa like Qualities

(1) Traveling is actually a glorious release from the bustling pace of your daily life and is meant to provide you relaxation. Nowadays, travelers’ revel in the beauty of places that looks and feels like a spa where you can wash down your worries away. Though not talking specifically of masseurs or bubble baths, traveling […]