7.) Cameron Aquarium

A Sweet Treat from the Feisty Town of Waco

Texas is one America’s most visited states due to its blatant fusion of cultures that’s just appealing to the eye. With all the festivities observed in this huge place, many people have come to adore the merry life observed within its realms. Texas is all about the scalding heat of the sun, spicy food and […]


Paddle through the grace of Odense

(1)Odense Known as a biking capital, Odense’s beauty is beyond its pedestrian-friendly roads. Be acquainted with the historical landmarks and astounding surroundings that inspired the world-renowned fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. Become familiar with Denmark a little bit more by traveling to the city situated in its very heart and understand that there are […]


Rotterdam after rebuilt, a must-see new town feel

(1)Rotterdam As opposed to the celebrated feel-old facade of the majority of towns in Europe, Rotterdam is a refreshing take on modernity and present-day vibes through its structures and sights. ‘Resilience’ is the word that this city speaks as it triumphantly revived after destruction from bombing during World War II. The efforts of rehabilitation and […]


Simple Living at Its Finest in Coban

(1) Guatemala is a country that represents colorful festivals and an energetic populace. With everything going on, it is no surprise that Guatemala is known all over the world as a travel destination. One city that the country is rooting for is a place called Coban; an area wherein being simple is better than showing-off, […]


Never Be Left Out of Place in Nanaimo

(1) Nanaimo is one of Canada’s most visited destinations due to the town’s location; it is right in the center of an island. While Nanaimo might not have gained huge quantities of tourists compared to its neighbor Victoria, it placed itself as an interesting spot with fascinating boutiques and shops, feel-good scenery, countless dining options […]

cedar point

Lose Your Mature Facade in Cedar Point

(1) When the child inside us wants to come out and enjoy, we satisfy this craving by going to a theme park. The exhilaration, the cheap thrills, the iconic rides and the sheer happiness of the environment always make theme parks a sure hit. When we travel, we usually look for avenues to sate the […]


See the story Belgrade has to tell

(1) Belgrade at glance There is beauty in the old, especially when found in objects and places. The old tells us about the past from traces and their remains. See the trance of the good old days as Belgrade allows traveling back in time through the stories it generously tells in an artistic way via […]