A different kind of exhilaration in six flags San Antonio

(1) When we plan for a travel, we normally put into consideration the more mature stuff like soul searching, relaxing and discovering new things as part of our main priorities. We often end up choosing a wildlife park, a remote island or a people-crowded beach and spend money and time on it for the sake […]


Prayer warriors in pink

The Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters are publicly known as The Pink Sisters. They are fondly termed as the Pink Sisters because of their rose pink-colored habit, which they wear to honor the Holy Spirit, although they can only be seen behind the iron grills of the altar. The nuns’ presence in the chapel gives the […]


Four Historical Cities in Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco is an exceptional country on the northern part of the Africa. With its geographic location and terrain there are a lot of things to see and visit. In addition to the natural landscape, there are man-made attractions such as buildings and architecture. Their culture influence is a mixture of Arab, indigenous […]


Viva La Espanya

The Kingdom of Spain or simply called Spain is an independent democratic country at southwestern Europe. It was once ruled by Romans, Germans, and Moors. But in the 15th century, Spain rose and become the first global colonial empires. Spain is an interesting country because of the merger of cultural influences from neighboring countries as […]


Perfect Weekend at Hong Kong and Macau

Looking for the perfect weekend getaway with family or friends? Look no further, because a trip to Hong Kong and Macau will definitely suite you. It is a perfect weekend destination for all ages – from grandparents, parents, teenagers, to grandchildren. Map showing the proximity of Macau(dark green) and Hong Kong (mint green) Why is […]


Four Things to Do in Greece

Hellenic Republic, popularly known as Greece, is a country located at southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. It is in a strategic location for trade between Europe, Asia and Africa. Aside from trade, it is a tourist destination because of the long coastline along the Mediterranean – a perfect place for rest and relaxation. The […]


Japan: the Land of the Rising Sun

Japan or ‘the Land of the Rising Sun’ is well known for its modern technological advancements