Betake the quiet charisma of Taza

(1) Morocco has never been short of showcasing the beauty through its craftsmanship and art. The country’s interesting and colorful façade is a result of diversity and variety acquired from different facets encountered by its culture that evolved through time. While Morocco is an artwork of its own, slipping into one of its undiscovered city […]

Terezia Mine-

Salina Turda: Saltmine, museum, and amusement park all underground

(1) How much is salt today? A one year supply won’t even make a dent on your grocery budget (not that there are consumers buying one year supply). The point is, the table salt we’ve all been taking for granted could have been classified as gold in the past. A mine has been built for […]


Get the steam going in Beppu

(1) Nature and its accompanying wonders continuously amaze people even after we thought that we have known everything about it. The human race never faltered in uncovering deep-earthed mysteries as we progress along time not because there’s a lot left undiscovered, but our hunger in learning something new is insatiable. While we zoom our way […]


Fell deeply in love with China’s Yunnan Province

(1) The enchanting mix of landscapes and inhabitants, the splendor of architecture and its accompanying well-manicured greens, the superlative sights of colors and feel of steel, ethnic groups being respected by all its local people — all of these, some the things you’d surely encounter in a diversified city. With the rise of technology nowadays, […]


Amazing clash of clans in Aden

(1) One interesting thing that a travel spot would have is the amalgamation of races, colors and behaviors sitting on its very bed. The thought of witnessing clashes in opinion and views while thriving together to make the place progress is a must-see feat. You would be exposed in various languages, the mishmash of way […]


Retaining the British scent in Kandy

(1) Colonization had been a huge part of every known country’s heritage, culture and total way of life. The Old Times’ situation of taking over a specific place had left so much mark on how the world moves today. Influences are indelible — from language to the food one race eats, up to the very […]


Live modestly and emanate contentment in Hualien

(1) Traveling on a budget had been prevalent nowadays because of the fact that people would like to satisfy their craving to roam around aimlessly than go with everything planned. Trips that require less money would mean more chances of finding yourself lost yet fulfilled in a place that you’ve never set foot before. While […]