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We know how walking is good for our health and what makes this activity even more appealing is when the alley is adorned with beautiful sights that entertain the eyes. Get a dose of both enjoyable activities in the pedestrian-friendly city of Setubal and experience the atmosphere of old towns that allows you to go back in time.


Setubal map

                                                      (2)Setubal map

Found in the northern part of the Sado River Estuary, the city covers an area of 88 .93 square kilometers. The city is estimated to be around 19 miles south of Portugal’s capital, Lisbon. Known for its fishing industry, Setubal is one of the prime players when it comes to maritime activities including commercial trade.

While this is the general truth about this city, Setubal has more to offer. Travel to the city and know it a little more intimately by going to famous destinations found within it.


A day in Setubal

                                              (3)A day in Setubal

The climate in Setubal is warm and temperate. The driest month is every July on average while the wettest is November with precipitation that averages to 96 mm. The warmest is every August while coldest is in January. Those who want to roam around the city without any hassle of rainfall should consider these facts before booking their schedules.


Transportation in Setubal

                                      (4)Transportation in Setubal


The city does not have its own airport. Those who would travel internationally can either book a flight going to Lisbon or Portela then organize a trip going to Setubal. Taxis are the most convenient mode of transportation from Lisbon but trains can also be an option. Remember that the city is surrounded by water, which is why getting here via boat is also another route. 


Castelo de São Filipe

Castelo de Sao Filipe

                                          (5) Castelo de São Filipe

This fortress from 1590 is one of the most astounding and visited spots not only in Setubal abut in Portugal as a whole. The destination provides a picturesque view of the seas it faces. The star shaped design was the brainchild of Spain’s Phillip II and has served its purpose of protecting the city against invaders who would use the sea as an entry point going to Setubal.

Igreja de Jesus

Igreja De Jesus

                                                  (6) Igreja de Jesus

The Manueline design makes this church a stand out. Not only because of its interiors, the church also played an important role in the religious history of the country as it served as a monastery for Poor Clare nuns. Founded in 1490, the church has been renovated since the damage from the earthquake in 1755.

Convento da Arrábida

(7) Convento da Arrábida

                                         (7) Convento da Arrábida

This 16th century monastery is made of several chapels and shrines. The beautiful structure is situated on a hillside and projects a perfect view of nature and blue skies. The destination is adorned with beautiful woods and limestone rock.




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