Tory Sport Now Dominating the Famous NYC Fifth Avenue

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With all due respect and veneration gathered from all over the planet, Tory Burch is surely eligible to expand their range of products in order to reach a larger market. Hailing from its small venture somewhere in Italy, this fashion-forward brand has transcended the unending demands of the industry and innovated when necessary.

Before, women drooled over their self-imposed logo patched onto a very sophisticated looking slipper. Now, they have stretched into offering all kinds of fashion items that will complete your fantasy wardrobe. Before long, Tory Burch and the people behind it will bask under an empire that was created through intense consideration of their clientele’s needs, all the while proving that they are not out of style yet.

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Branching out to a store in a foreign land had always been a huge step. Like a leap of faith, this would either make or break a fashion name, depending on the reception it would receive abroad. Unless you’ve been an established business for over a century, planning to dominate the world through building off-shore sites is not really suggested.

On the other hand, fashion is a camp of bold thinkers and risk takers, so the notion of expanding overseas has always been part of the long-term agenda. With a reputation for supplying only the most functional and fashionable styles, Tory Burch has finally decided to spawn a pop-up store right in the heart of New York. So far, it’s being regarded as an amazing feat from this illustrious fashion brand.

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Mainly offering their active wear collection, Tory Burch decided to test the waters of American buyers and put up a store located on Fifth Avenue, New York and its accompanying trends. Known to be a setting for nothing but the best brands in the industry, this long strip is frequented by famous celebrities and the most avid fashionistas.

Having this concept in mind, Tory Burch purchased a spot on Fifth Avenue, specifically in the Flatiron District which has been regarded as a cistern of fitness studios and business empires. Tory Burch has shipped their Tory Sport collection, which caters to people who want to look physically pleasing despite the strenuous physical activity during exercise.

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Launched last September, Tory Sport generated favorable reviews and responses from those who have seen it, with high hopes of changing the game concerning the seemingly boring active wear lines. Tory Sport’s spot in New York spans a total of 3,900 square feet, housing the gems of Tory Burch’s latest offering to the masses. Tory Sport offers everything you can think of in active wear such as bags, shoes, accessories and performance clothing.

Prices start at $35 and the most expensive garment on the rack is at $495. Aside from the interesting ensemble that you’ll see on the stands, Tory Sport also boasts the store’s interior design which screams wood accents, athletic inspired stripes and a montage of sports superstars shown on their large screen televisions. Also, revel in the fact that Tory Sport offers well-celebrated Jean Royere pieces for their in-store furniture, adding a lavish touch to shopping until you drop.

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