Toast a party affair with Swedish House Mafia

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There is no doubt that their music is stimulating; not only because electronic is their chosen genre, but also because the trio super group has a distinct style that hypnotizes their listeners to get on their feet due to their upbeat music that makes it feel like Coachella can happen every single day.

Swedish House Mafia is a trio that already has substantial exposure in the music industry individually. Comprised by Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso, the three-man team that was formed in 2008 gained popularity from their very first single entitled ‘One.’

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The popularity increased further when Pharrell Williams himself collaborated with the band in making a vocal version of the said song. The group has conquered the interest of the public and was even dubbed as ‘the faces of mainstream progressive house music.’

Already established in their own careers before forming a band, the members are not limited to projects within the group as they also venture on several productions individually every once in a while.

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The most successful song that Swedish House Mafia has released would be the single Don’t You Worry Child. The track made them even more famous not only within Europe, but also in other countries. For a while, all clubs and hang out bars had this song playing on repeat that earned the band more exposure.

What’s ironic was the fact that the band announced going separate ways during that same September when the song was released. This may have been the last for the trio, but they did it quite well. Those who have known them because of their very last track as a band may not have gotten enough. Their appearance in the Ultra Music Festival in March of 2013 was the last time that the crowd saw them perform together.

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