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Reggaeton is a chill genre that grants a sensible amount of fun. With respect to other sounds out there, reggae is a standalone genre that was able to gain its followers due to its own flavor. This type of music that flourished in Jamaica has become a widespread episode in the world of sound that was able to transcend even after new genres have arrived.

Reggae is a strict class of music that is characterized by distinct flavor and social relevance that captivates listeners not only through rhythm but most importantly through the lyrics that comprise each song.

Reggae will not be complete without mentioning the name of Bob Marley. The great singer may have passed on, but his craft has made such a big impact that his songs are considered classic along with other icons like Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Nirvana and the King of Pop Michael Jackson.

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Reggae may not be as famous in mainstream media, but hardcore fans understand that every year, important festivals are held to celebrate the greatness of reggae. Those who are love-stricken by reggae would understand that it is more than just music played on gadgets. It’s more of a way of life and food for the soul.

If you are an avid fan, then missing out big reggae events would mean a huge fumble. Read on below and be informed:

Reggae Sumfest
Set to be held in July 17 – 23 at Montego Bay, this might be reggae’s biggest event. Tickets are now on sale.

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Should you be a hardcore fan, this celebration of reggae is something that you do not want to miss as many great artists from all over the world will take time to get together and pay tribute to the genre that became a hit not only in the country where it started, but around the world as well.

No line up has been released yet, but with its track record of having popular artists like Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys, expect another good set of artist to come play this 2016.

One Love One Heart Reggae Festival
To be held in Sacramento, this is Jamaica’s extension in California when it comes to praising reggae. Dance and have all-out fun together with other music lovers as you mingle with some of the world’s greatest and promising singers. Set to occur in September this year, the line-up is still in the works.

Miami Reggae Festival
Scheduled for November 2016 in Doral, Florida, enjoy daylong nonstop music from your favorite artists. Find leisure while helping others as this festival has philanthropic purpose of raising funds for those in need.

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