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There is no greater blessing for a woman than becomeing a mother. The same goes for men as they see their children grow after being introduced to the world outside womb. Seeing another life come to form and rearing it right before your very eyes is one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world. It is true that honing a kid and instilling important things may be challenging, but the truth remains that giving and sharing life is our existence’s primary meaning.

The pain of calming a fussy infant can be a pain especially for first time parents. However, this common trial among moms and dads can be eased by the act of babywearing. More than carrying your precious child close, babywearing carries more benefits than you can ever imagine. Ever notice how a baby calms after being held tight? This sends out a nonverbal message of security and comfort that babies cling to.


Wearing a sling to carry a baby is practiced by parents from all over the world. Mostly used by moms, the natural instinct of protecting one’s child is clearly interpreted through babywearing. More than calming the child, a parent provides a significant advantage to the child as it also promotes learning.


Being close to parents, the child is given the chance to see human functions that the parents and other people conduct. This helps the infant understand how the world outside the womb operates and these are introduced subconsciously.

3Being close to parents is also proven to cultivate confidence and stability that can manifest as the child grows. This is why some experts encourage moms and dads to sleep with their kids as it creates a bond that gives out the feeling of harmony to the kid. This also alleviates the probability of depression that indifference leads to over time.


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