There’s drama in Foals’ Give It All

Foals Band

This English band continues to share the same kind of music they are known for as they released the third track from their album ‘What Went Down’. The new track entitled ‘Give it All’ signifies the band’s continuous promotion of their fourth studio album which was released last June.

A true love song, the track was paired with an equally compelling narration that was directed by Nabil who happened to be one of the band’s favorites as seen in other works they have collaborated on. See the music video as if you are watching a sad love story and feel the agony of the male character in the persona of actor Jeremie Renier.

The vid is a depiction of what post-break up men and women go through. See memories blend alternately with post-separation scenes acted upon by Rainier and Caroline Fauvet. The solemn rhythm of the song goes well with the story of its music video. There’s sadness in its sound that blends well with the lyrics of the song.

Foals’ main man admitted that the song is different from everything else they have sung in the past. “That song more than anything we’ve ever done has been lead by its vocal. It felt like the purest bit of songwriting we’d ever done.” Yannis Philippakis mentioned. (Cited:

The indie rock band was originally formed back in 2005 and has remained intact since then. Members Jack Bevan, Jimmy Smith, Walter Gervers, Edwin Congreave and front man Yannis have been touring together both within England and internationally.

The band has been seen performing in different European music fests such as Glastonbury and Coachella. In lieu of their current album, Foals is set to go on tour in the coming year starting February. Schedules have been planned out and the tour is said to start at SSE Hydro in Glasgow on February 12 and expected to conclude on February 20 at the Leeds District Arena.

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