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Collaboration in music has always been regarded as a successful venture. We have all seen a couple of artists fusing their unmistakable talents through crafting songs and forming bands. It is with their geniuses that they come-up with something twisted and exciting, offering avid fans of mainstream music something refreshing and unconventional.

Staying true to the ‘two heads are better than one’ philosophy, the bands of today have proven that while they value individuality, they find it more appealing to perform when they are with their team. If we are to read the signs, the idea of people merging to create a supernova group is quite common, especially now that groups equate to ensured success. With this in mind, the band called Miike Snow is continuously proving that they work better when they’re together.

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Trying their luck in fame last 2007, Miike Snow has been quite unstoppable in etching their name in the halls of mainstream music. Focusing on a wide array of genres such as indie pop, psychedelic pop, alternative dance, noise pop, indie rock, house, indietronica and synthpop, this group is certainly a must-watch when they play. The group hails from Stockholm, Sweden and has reached a wide audience worldwide.

The band was created when childhood friends Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg decided to give their talents a try. Aside from the hopes of being discovered as talents themselves, Karlsson and Winnberg also helped out budding artists as producers. After quite some time, both of them got tired of being passed around as two separate artists and decided to go with the screen name Bloodshy & Avant and tagged themselves as a duo.

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With putting forth their musical skills, their songwriting prowess has also been exposed when many firms approached them to co-write a song for an already famous mainstream artist. Bloodshy & Avant worked with famous names such as Sky Ferreira, Kylie Minogue and even the Queen of Pop herself Madonna, paving the way to build more connections and becoming well known as respected songwriters.

Luckily for the duo, they even capped a Grammy for Best Dance Recording, which was a venture with Britney Spears’ Toxic. The birth of the band Miike Snow took place when Andrew Wyatt joined the club, an American songwriter also on his way to establish a strong foothold in the mainstream music industry.

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One of the most notable skills of Miike Snow is the way that they produce music: unconventional and impressively futuristic. The Blob, an instrument that they frequently use, is a tool that’s associated with how they make their music, and even if they need to travel in long tours for gigs, they just can’t use any other instrument aside from it.

Throughout their seemingly short career, Miike Snow was able to finish three major studio albums entitled Miike Snow (released in 2009), Happy To You (released in 2012) and iii (released in 2016). Miike Snow took leaps of faith with the trail of musical firms they signed up with such as DownTown, MapleMusic, Columbia and RCRD LBL.

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