The Rudimentals Bringing the Music Genre Ska Back to Life

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The world of music nowadays would definitely lean on mainstream genres such as pop, rock, rap and R&B. We have come to embrace the aforementioned genres since this is what everyone listens to, and it feels obligatory to like them despite the itch of looking for a fresh genre.

We are all guilty of purchasing their albums, streaming their music videos and putting them on repeat for as long as our ears could take. With this lies the probability that we have neglected other great acts from other music genres such as ska.

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It is not every day that we get to hear an artist or a group from the humble area of Cape Town in South Africa. Furthermore, it is really not conventional that we hear groups comprised of six members and above. The edge found in The Rudimentals is quite difficult to miss, so much that if you haven’t taken a second to hear them out, there must be something wrong with your system.

Focusing on unconventional music genres namely ska and reggae, this huge group of combined talent is slowly taking the world by storm through their innate passion to perform.

Currently, The Rudimentals is comprised of Teboho Maidza, Ross Macdonald, Simone Bates, Jodi Engelbrecht, Michael Levy, Karl Gray, Antonio Cencherle, Errol Strachan and Nikolai Athrios. This nine-piece music wonder will bring a fresh sound to your eardrums if the only ska track that you can think of is No Doubt’s ‘Underneath It All’.

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All throughout their career since 2000, The Rudimentals was able to release two studio albums entitled ‘More Fire’ and ‘Set It Proper’. What made them really popular in underground and mainstream music is when they released a live DVD/CD compilation of the 2007 Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens Concert, topping charts in South Africa and echoed all over the world.

Currently, The Rudimentals have been jumping through different music moguls like V-Labs, Rising Records, and most recently, Independent. Just this year, The Rudimentals successfully signed a deal with world-renowned British music handler Moon Ska World, which primarily gives career opportunities to small-scale artists in the United Kingdom.

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Many music experts have noted that the fair mix and exposure of all the nine members made The Rudimentals float above the rest. They have made appearances in several music festivals in Europe and their home country. The Rudimentals’ preservation of how ska music should be performed has been a leap of faith especially now that the music industry is up for something new.

Aside from the hypnotic vocals, the band also never let go of the opportunity to perform with the aid of various musical instruments like the trombone, saxophone, flugel, percussions, keyboards and guitars.

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