The Power of YouTube Channels on Your Beauty Decisions


Alongside the familiar notion about how life gets easier through social media, fashion also made a revolution of incorporating this power into how they can reach more and more people.

Now, we are all avid followers of the most fashionable Instagram superstars, do online shopping for the upcoming gala night at the office and watch Paris fashion shows via supreme subscriptions on television.

More and more fashion experts have also expressed great interest in leading more fashion fanatics in being in the know of what’s the latest and what’s about to happen via surreal blogs, complete with the most captivating photos and detailed instructions.

And so the advent of YouTube channels about fashion and beauty is not much of a surprise anymore, and believe it or not, most fashion inspirations and the best make-up tips are now being derived from these videos and their powerful capability to reach a bigger audience.

Who would not know Michelle Phan? Since time knows when, this beauty and make-up guru has reached a whopping 7,000,000 subscribers, because of her posts on make-up looks inspired by almost anything—movies, comic superheroes, icons and seasons.

Phan’s advocacy of helping women achieve their best potentials through make-up has been channeled on her always updated video logs, focusing on tools and materials just within anybody’s reach.

Another rising star on YouTube right now that you might want to follow is the quirky Andrea Brooks for your daily dose of hairstyles and hair care tutorials. One strength that Brooks possesses is the sheer simplicity of her instructions making a daunting hairstyle an easy thing to achieve.

Boasting with almost 2 million subscribers, Kandee Johnson is so similar to Michelle Phan but in a more risky way. Johnson has taken herself out of the conventional method of make-up teaching and leaped towards showing her audience the basics, such as how to reapply your fading false eyelashes, to the absurd way of mimicking Edward Scissorhands.

The use of Johnson’s tips is for you to go about putting remedy on your daily beauty dilemmas through easy-to-comprehend instructions to help you get by.

On a larger scale, you might find Leina’s YouTube channel rather interesting because she’s doing faces on the likes of Kelly Rowland, Nicki Minaj and music diva Rihanna. With an assortment of videos about professional make-up tutorials, you’d definitely get your idol’s look on that recent music gala by just religiously following this California- based make-up guru’s step-by-step mantra.

Another blogger who is currently making quite a noticeable scene is beauty blogger Tanya Burr, now being adamantly followed by 2.5 mil minions. If high-end products and big fashion brands is your thing, then Burr’s YouTube slot is sure to inspire you more in doing your daily make-up intensely and rigorously.

Patricia Bright, on the other hand, is a simple girl emanating a bubbly personality to give you simple things to remember about hair, life and fashion. If you ever needed to watch something that will perk you up after a long night of studying or working and still want to look awesome, then Bright’s suggestions would do you best.

Slowly gaining fame is the channel called ‘The Beauty Department’, which is a name suitable for what they can teach, offer and impart to their avid viewers. The trio of Kristin Ess, Lauren Conrad and Amy Nadine would take you to a make-up and beauty world shouting of pizzazz, organization and factual-based answers for your beauty inquiries.

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