The First Glimpse into the H&M x Balmain Fall Collection


After a few weeks of anxiously waiting, one of the most historical collaborations of all time finally released their first design as affiliate brands.

While we know both H&M and Balmain are competing with the most wearable creations, the flagship garment which comes in the form of a minidress would truly astound all women who crave for something regal to wear.


Top models Kendall Jenner and Jourdan Dunn gave everyone a hint about how the said collaboration would fare during the recently concluded Billboard Music Awards, and girls salivated more to get a glimpse of the exact look.

H&M and Balmain might seem a little bit weird and awkward to be doing a combination of styles and design, but the fashion industry should not think twice about patronizing the upcoming line. Furthermore, millions of women and fashion critics are gawking at how the always eccentric Balmain would jive with H&M’s laidback yet fashion forward path.


Due to be released in the first week of November this year, the H&M x Balmain collection leaned towards pieces that exude a sleek yet dazzling aura. The two fashion moguls spent years to conceptualize how to go about this inevitable collaboration, and rumor has it that they also invested into incorporating different materials that are total opposites.

Some posts on social media sites like Instagram teased the general fashion crowd with clear details on what the first piece of the collection will be comprised of. Posted close-up shots and montages resulted in gaping mouths and frenzied fashion followers. The blatant approach used for this line would focus on gold ropes that are said to be seen on most of the pieces included on the list. The intrinsic attention to detail is also a must for the designers of the collection, hence, the long-sleeved mini dress.


Head designer Olivier Rousteing had dropped some bombs on his posts online as he was seen most of the time with the Jenner-Kardashian clan, and so the hush-hush began. Shortly, Balmain Paris confirmed that the said collaboration is real with a short video of the two fashion outfits joining forces to release a striking clothing line. From the first piece that was released, it is quite obvious that the main gimmick of using gold ropes was materialized, and so is the use of mesh clothing because it is expected to be on the stands by fall.

The use of black as the main backdrop regally highlighted the shimmering gold details and the pearl accessories are to die for. The combination of the two brands also meant that the garments to be released would definitely be more affordable, as it will be H&M who would mainly carry sales.

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