The Feline Dictionary of Effectively Caring for a Cat


Owning a pet is similar to the responsibility of caring for a human being. In the world of pet care, raising a cat in the comfort of your own home is actually easier than expected. Cats are independent pets, but as their rightful caretaker, you won’t be able to avoid doing the usual things any normal owner would.

In rearing a cat, you should avoid complicated and tedious actions. Cats won’t require too much effort as they can take care of themselves and above all, cats will not appreciate it when you meddle with their lives all the time. Below are some of the things that you might want to consider in raising cats, on how you would groom them properly, feed them sufficiently and carry-out the dreadful act of bathing.

While it is known that cats won’t demand a bath session, some uncontrollable circumstances would definitely bring you to this stage. Before showering your trusted cats with running water and lathering them with shampoo, get their eyes covered with mineral oil to avoid irritation from chemicals. Your cats will also appreciate it if you help them ease panic from slippery surfaces by using a washcloth for them to stand on while bathing. This would give them a strong foothold and a more peaceful bathing session.

Cat baths shouldn’t take too long or else your pets will contract colds. Prolonged exposure to cold water will affect their ability to insulate heat and will lead to higher risks of getting sick. Cleaning the rest of the body with simple cat shampoo is enough because their fur is self-beautifying. Also, make sure to clean their ears and creases to remove any fleas camping out on their bodies. Post-bath, let them do their thing and keep them inside the house even after they’re dry.

To feed our beloved feline friends, here are some pointers to make eating more enjoyable. If you ever plan to let your cats eat bones, you’re doing it wrong all along. Cats are the opposite of dogs with jaws and teeth built to crush bones for digestion. The bones’ sharp splinters could choke your pet cat and might even lead to sudden death. Avoid feeding them bones, no matter what type, as is best for their welfare.

Usually, moist food must be refrigerated if not going to be eaten after a couple of hours. As for dry food and cat biscuits, feel free to put them on your cat’s food bowls as long as it could stay. It is a huge mistake to make your cat eat dog food. The chemicals and food composition in dog food might put your cat’s health at risk. Diet changes must be scheduled. Like human beings, it will be a shock to cats if we demand them to change their diet in a snap. Water must always be taken into serious consideration, especially on hot months. Cats are living things and deserve to maintain a healthy water supply.

When you notice dirt crowding your floor, it is best to give your cats a clean and sweeping massage from head to tail. Hair maintenance might be difficult for you and your cat, but the magical power of touch can work wonders. Eliminate the use of tough and complicated brushes and make use of your hands to untangle and arrange your cat’s fur. Like how you clip your nails, make sure that you don’t overdo it with your cat. Once you’ve seen the pinkish inner part of the nail, stop clipping as doing it further might cause serious pain. Get a nail clipper at your nearby pet store as the human version won’t work for the cats elongated and hard nails.

Also, one way to ensure that you’re clipping correctly is to press the respective paw where the nails are to expose them. Don’t be obsessed with cleaning your cat’s ears and this should be done only once a month. Use your reliable mineral oil and cotton buds to do a swift sweep of dirt on the areas that are visible to you. Anything deeper than that might result in you getting bitten because it is rather painful.

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