The Best of the Best BMW Cars Ever: A Shortlist


The illustrious brand tagging as ‘the ultimate driving machine’ is one of the key reasons why BMW cars have stayed this respectable within the automotive industry.

Known for its exemplary fusion of luxury and utter driving performance, this once humble company has proven to every critic that it is not just a fly-by-night gig.

BMW cars have long withstood the itching demand for something new, the side-glances it receives when parked beside other automotive behemoths, and the incessant craving of car enthusiasts for a better version of their last model.

It is no wonder why the brand became so successful after all these years because they simply surpassed all the tests that a demanding market presented.


BMW cars hail from the town of Bavaria and are now considered one of Germany’s prides in the world of automotive manufacturing and impeccable car engineering.

They have created legendary cars, all equipped with style, pizzazz and power. BMW cars always thrive to offer cutting-edge design, unique form and comfort brought about by luxury.

Truly, BMW cars shook the world and stayed afloat in the market as if they were made to be winners. As for their production models, below are some of the versions that people have drooled over and craved for, because this brand really has no room for disappointing its patrons.


Ironically named the 2002 Tii even though it was released in 1969, this car changed the game in the field of car engineering and was tagged by BMW as the ‘new class’.

This is one of the most innovative cars that the brand produced, all boasting its new uni-body design that is square-edged and spiky. The 2002 Tii also introduced independent rear suspension for optimum driving efficiency.

Direct injections, 2.0 liter inline, 130 horsepower and its upgraded engine made this 1969 model one amazing experience that thousands of people have succumbed to purchasing it. The 2002 Tii is also dubbed as one of the spearheads in the advent of luxury sports sedans during that time.


BMW Cars have never faltered in being adept craftsmen, and so comes the Z8 Roadster. This car release is BMW’s approach in combining the old and the new, as the classic design now comes with modern car engineering.

The convergence of these two scopes generated a car that’s second to none when it comes to performance and the overall physical attributes. Car enthusiasts are faced with an aluminum space frame that is sleek and dashing, which is truly eye candy for BMW fanatics.

Housed within its body is a very powerful 400-horsepower 4.9-liter V8 engine that solidified the brand’s claim that this car boasts extreme driving performance. The smoothened curves, unique design and effort injected into creating its engine make the Z8 Roadster more than legendary.


The company also delved into providing reliable city cars fit for daily use in the BMW i3. This bold electric version came off as a surprise to those who thought that BMW is concerned with upgrading their older models.

The BMW i3 is equipped with some of the most stunning features including a hybrid-synchronous electric motor, a 170-horsepower engine and an impressive 184 lb.-ft. of torque.

The BMW i3’s body is created to deliver faster speeds through the use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic with an aluminum chassis.


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