The Art of Hand Modeling and the Magic of Adele Uddo

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The business of modeling has been introduced to the majority as a field fit for slender bodies, well-sculpted and chiseled muscles, facial contours and the ability to glide through the catwalk as comfortably as possible. We have been all exposed to the notion that only those with blessed with the perfect physiques should do modeling because otherwise, it will appear as if we’re in a huge satirical show.

Through time, most of us have agreed to this preconceived notion of models, and luckily for some, they managed to penetrate this very complex realm just with their physiques combined with a fueled passion to stay on top. Little do we know that beyond all those billboards and printed advertisements on our fashion magazines are a couple of models who are unconventional in what they do.

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Their photos aren’t taken for their Greek-like bodies and angelic faces. Rather, the main stars of their photoshoots are their hands.

Hand modeling has existed since the same time that conventional models took center stage. We have no idea how they look like in person, but we’re acquainted with their hands as tools to stardom.

Usually, they are called for when a specific brand or product doesn’t need a face to establish how they want to be perceived. Just the magic of their seemingly perfect hands would do. They could have been holding lingerie, a dishwasher or a raw pineapple, but nonetheless, they are as fierce as the supermodels that we know today.

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One of the most famous hand models today is definitely a prim lady named Adele Uddo. With the stroke of her hands, she managed to star on high-profile brands such as a photoshoot for Town and Country, the eponymous Chanel No. 5 advertisement, one Christian Louboutin printed ad and a very successful Dior Rouge lipstick campaign.

Aside from being successful as a hand model, Uddo is also known for her contributions to a plethora of shoots using her abs, chest, lips and feet as the tools for branding. Uddo, and all her glorious body parts, have graced the pages of countless fashion magazines such as Vogue and quite a handful of billboards plastered around the globe.

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Jennifer Adjali, Essie nail polish’s global director for education which used Uddo a couple of times for their product, commented that Adele’s perfect hand structure works well with any type of merchandise. Without the magic of Uddo’s hands, their products would never make it big in the beauty industry. Adele Uddo’s secrets in keeping her hands at their most beautiful state can be found and made within the comforts of one’s house, if they would intently work for it.

The godly hands that hoisted Uddo to the top of the hand modeling food chain are well taken care of by using healthy ingredients such as Vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butters that she personally concocts in her kitchen. Currently, Adele Uddo is paid at a minimum salary of $6,000 for every shoot that she commits to, and she’s set to take on a long list of products to endorse single-handedly.

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