Telltale of sea sirens: Mermaids and the myths following them


Their story may have been repeated numerous times, but the truth, whether they really exist remains unsteady and the proof of accounts relating to them are still shaky.

Nymphs of the underwater as they are, the subject about mermaids and the elusiveness of their state of being real is still an ongoing discussion, especially amongst those who are fascinated with their allure and indefinable charisma that is following them.


There is no doubt that the world beneath the blue seas is a sight to behold because it’s synonymous with going to a dimension of a totally different world. The unlikeliness and the magnificence found on the other side is probably the reason why people have come up with many stories about what really exists in this extension of the earth – including tales about mermaids.

As fictional as they may seem, narration about these sea creatures has been uttered many times that they somehow became part of the real world. Dating back early times, the mentioning about these water temptresses have been palpable as seen even on world’s most hailed literatures including Homer’s Odyssey. Incidents of them being seen by real people has also been reported, but none really provided a concrete evidence of mermaids shaped in the flesh.


There are many versions of stories that are being connected with these water goddesses. While the modern world has come to know how friendly and kind they are – thanks to Disney’s A Little Mermaid, old folklores on the other hand associate them with disaster, death and misfortune.

As what some of the negative narratives tell about them, their enchanting beauty brings a curse to anyone who would get a glimpse of them especially sailors who skim through the ocean. Men who get the chance to see them are being lured and eventually dies due to incapability of breathing underwater.

While this is the case, some cultures on the other hand, believe that they are comparable to sorcerers and shamans as they are said to possess the gift of healing others. This positive mentioning about mermaids somehow scrape the stigma of them being harmful nonetheless ruinous.


In this modern time, negative connotations were put aside as the mainstream media managed to break in the walls of old man tales and shaped a new definition of mermaids being pure-hearted, compassionate and helpful. Who can ever forget the character of Ariel that ignited every child’s imagination as it also hints good influence through its story of sacrifice and concern for others?

How about the story of three teenage girls who are secret mermaids and own power over water? And yes, this refers to hitting Australian series H2O: Just Add Water.

Wicked or not, there is no denying that the hype about mermaids will remain timeless as these mythical creatures feed the whimsical minds and tickles the human fascination toward the unknown. The next time you’ll set a vacation on a beach, become sensitive and watchful. Who knows? You may have been swimming on the same body of water with an enthralling sea siren… Well, we can never tell.

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