Sunflower Beans drops new single Easier Said

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Forget heavy metal and disturbing sounds as Sunflower Beans delivers a single that will surely bring you a relaxing vibe that is usually felt during vacations. Alleviate your stress in an instant as NYC’s upcoming band channels their chill sound in their track called Easier Said.

The American band that was formed in the year of 2013 is a breath of fresh air compared to all the upbeat songs surfacing on mainstream media. Give your ears a quick rest and resort to the relaxing hymn of the trio in the personas of Kivlen, Faber and Julia. New York may be a concrete jungle, but the fact that their overall demeanor separates them from others simply means that these kids are up for stardom.

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The band gives us a classic sound that relates to any age. The mixture of calm with a twist of subdued buoyancy is an attribute that makes them a band that can cater to both the young and the old. Their single ‘Easier Said’ is the best act they performed by far.

The single is found on their debut album entitled Human Ceremony. Stint after stint, the three-piece band gained followers without really going into mainstream. Mind you, these kids are all under 21, which makes it even more impressive as their young age doesn’t represent the soul embodied by their tracks. Give them a few more years and imagine how much better their music will turn out.

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The dreamy sound can pass as a road trip track, no doubt. The slow but captivating tempo is great especially if you’re just looking for a background song for those laid back days at the office or at home. The lyrics depict common mishaps in real life. Specifically, adults can relate as the song narrates the common story of going around in circles and repeating same action over and over again.

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