Summer Sunshine Calls for the Worthy Oakleys

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Whenever you ask a very trendy person about what sunglasses one should be wearing to look fab and not drab, he or she would certainly recommend getting a pair from Oakley. This innovative sunglasses manufacturer has taken great lengths in providing its consumers a wide array of eyewear for women, men and even kids for almost any type of need.

Thriving on releasing collections and products that lean towards the most modern, Oakley has been worn by Hollywood A-listers and average Joes who just want to have style and comfort at the same time. There’s no denying that Oakley has dealt with the demands of the fashion industry with class and finesse, and it is sure that this established sunglasses manufacturer would stay for quite a long time.

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Oakley first introduced polarized lenses, which were promulgated in the early 2000s. With the core purpose of blocking-off polarized light from outside nuisances such as the sun’s rays, these specialized types of lenses are a great deal for those who want their sunglasses to ‘really’ function. Polarized lenses are known to block almost 99% of glare from sunlight, and those which are reflected by water and snow.

Oakley is also known to own the clearest sets of polarized lenses in the fashion market due to the fact that their pairs are not manually glued because it uses technology called ‘infusion molding’. The type of lens molding that Oakley has been boasting about gives their one-layered polarized lenses strength, durability and clarity when used.

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The illustrious fashion industry would not let this innovation pass, and so they have scoured sports stores just to cop a pair from Oakley. Luckily enough, the company has also taken the challenge to produce sunglasses that are not boring, despite the fact that its function screams of simplicity. Over the years, Oakley managed to produce stylish collections of polarized-lens sunglasses that are just adored by a plethora of fashion maniacs.

Some of the pieces that Oakley released which speak of style include the half-jacket sunglasses, which technically shifted everyone’s perspective of how sports sunglasses should look like. Holbrook sunglasses are also present, which infused the olden times’ ways and resurrected it back to life to act as ideal fashion accessories.

For men who have a very active lifestyle, Oakley offers the X-Squared sunglasses that take pride on its strong hold and comfortable fit on a guy’s temple.

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The jawbone sunglasses on the other hand, get accolades for its O Matter usage, which is the brand’s way of giving its consumers very lightweight and durable frames that are downright sporty. Women can avail the comfort of wearing Oakley’s caveat sunglasses, made for women who would want to look posh amid their daily activities.

Also for females, the disguise sunglasses would let the owner play around with shifting the lens colors in accordance to what the outfit of the day might be. Other notable Oakley styles included the Hijinx sunglasses, the Radar Path and the useful Flat Jacket XLJ.

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