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They say that a successful man has a great woman behind him. This has been proven after the historic presidential win of Barrack Obama back in 2008. The picture won’t be complete without mentioning the name of his better half who became an important personality of her own.

She has been seen arm-in-arm with Mr. President on important occasions. The media also spotted her performing first lady duties and hosting different events, but above all the exposure in mass media, Michelle Obama is also an icon exuding a classy style that fashion critics rave about.

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Her style is crisp and on point. No fancy detailing or beating around the bush. Her look has always been straight forward and ground breaking, redefining the classy modern woman who has a clear goal.

Most of her memorable looks include garments in elegant and timeless cuts that women around the world can relate to.

As a matter of fact, our first lady even wears retail brands like what any normal lady would pick while going shopping at Macys or ASOS.

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Let’s start the list of some of her most fabulous looks by revisiting her 2015 ensemble during the China State Dinner at the White House.

The ever classy first lady wore a black V-Neck Vera Wang gown with her hair swept to the side. This can seem a bit adventurous for Mrs. Obama as there’s a hint of hip mermaid frills at the hem. Still, she rocked the dress with total grace

The first lady is best at rocking her elegantly designed dresses. From roaming around for state visits, lightning ceremonies and television appearances, Michelle Obama has been consistent in epitomizing a powerful woman with good taste and substantial personality.

From wearing florals, cutout patterns and even pastels, this first lady surely knows which works for her best.

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