Stray Away from the Norm with These Summer Alternatives

Within the fashion industry, those who start and become trends really matter. Following a trend is quite easy but spearheading one will require thinking out of the box and spirit that only a true-blue fashionista would have. Now that summer is fast approaching, you should be gearing up for some concepts that neither your favorite fashion show nor your closest friend have a clue about.

Below are some of the summer swaps that you might want to try and guide everyone else by being ahead of these ideas, even before they become part of the norm.

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Go back to your 90s closet and scramble over sultry and sexy off-shoulder tops. Not only are these good staples for a rather hot ambience felt during the season, this would also go well with other summer staples such as denim shorts, high-waisted bottoms and your playful espadrilles. Go for monochromatic colors as the loud, printed ones are already within the radar.

Also, we won’t go into staying with the crop top craze as it’s only cool to be worn during music festivals, which is just 10% of your total summer experience. If you’re into elongating your recently-waxed legs, then ask your mom to lend you V-Neck shoes which are surely accumulating dust in her closet. Bring back this illustrious trend and lean on feistier colors such as orange and yellow, which are very appropriate for scorching lunch dates by the bay or a steamy date at night.

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We all know that embroidered bomber jackets are on the loose and so are the denim types, so why not fuse both trends and come-up with embroidered denim jackets. Not only is this a hot item for summer, this will also categorize you as a sophisticated, vintage-loving trendsetter full of charm and interest through the patches covering up your sleeves.

Instead of going for sporty and ribbed dresses, stray away from what everyone else is wearing and look for lengthy, slip dresses for added punch to your summer attire. Usable as a beach cover-up, these loosely hanging garments will look great on you without compromising your overall sexy look. Additionally, it serves the purpose of upgrading your outfit.

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Enough of favoring the bulky, mono-colored blouses and grab yourself a multi-colored crochet top to release your inner bohemian alter-ego.

Aside from the fact that it can definitely exude the spirit of summer, this would also look good on every piece of swimwear you want to don without stealing too much of the scene.

Finish your summer ensemble with a rattan bag instead of the branded, luxurious clasp hand carries and come-off as sleek and inventive as you can be.

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