Stefani’s Solo Album Comeback is all about Feelings

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Generation Y and the Millennials can definitely remember Gwen Stefani as either the muse of the alternative rock band No Doubt or that fancy, talented blonde who popularized the song Sweet Escape with Akon. Throughout the years, one thing that never waned is Gwen Stefani’s ability to lure in more and more fans whenever she steps into the limelight and opens her mouth to sing.

Going on and off the radar made Stefani a relatable artist, surging from the broken and happy pieces of her personal life and juggling her musical journey together. Despite the seemingly long absence for putting up a studio album, the warm reception of her current offering leaves us wondering why we love Gwen Stefani so much. The answer is comprised of just a few words: she is an awesome and passionate musician.

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Ten years after The Sweet Escape album which left us bouncing with the tracks comprising it, Gwen Stefani performed a major overhaul upon the release of her third studio album entitled ‘This is What the Truth Feels Like.’ Managed by the firm Interscope Records, this offering will channel much of Stefani’s experiences over her recently broken marriage and the start of a new romantic relationship.

Many album experts swear by the raw and real emotions Stefani herself put into the tracks of this album, making it more sellable to the singer’s plethora of fans that never left her side despite the lows in her career. Originally, This is What the Truth Feels Like was supposed to be released in 2012, but Stefani scrapped the idea altogether when she reached a roadblock, making it difficult to release her creative juices and craft tracks to be included in the album.

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The vibe of the album leaned on the sorrow, joy and sarcasm of a recent break-up, tackling all possible human emotions that can be felt in between the stages. Themes of betrayal, disappointment and pure hurt coincide with the hope of loving again and the tedious process of moving on.

Tracks such as Baby Don’t Lie and Spark the Fire have been released prior to the album itself. However, the weak commercial reception was a deciding factor to postpone the album’s release until March 18, 2016.

Genres included in the album include dancehall reggae, pop and R&B, with rawness and stills from Gwen Stefani’s personal losses and triumphs. The album’s lead single first aired in October 2015, and Used to Love You is one of those songs you’d play when you’re about to step out of despair, but get pulled back by your heartbreak’s joyous past.

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Some of the other tracks meant to make you adore Gwen Stefani’s musical talent even more include Misery, You’re My Favorite, Where Would I Be, Make Me Like You, Truth, Send Me a Picture, Rare and Me Without You. For its reception, This is What the Truth Feels Like debuted at number one in the illustrious US Billboard 200, with 84,000 units sold as of March this year.

The United Kingdom received the album with a lukewarm welcome at first, but eventually came to realize how relatable the album is and sales have been unstoppable since then. Professional ratings from different firms also affirmed how valuable this album is for Stefani’s solo career, with Rolling Stone giving it a 3 out of 5, Slant Magazine with a 3.5 out of 5 and Entertainment Weekly grading it with an A-.

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