Starting Out Small and Ending Up Big – The Music Journey of Troye Sivan

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Not all musicians are the same. Some might be the most confident you’ll ever witness even at an early age, while others take their time and just come out of their shell if they could not contain it anymore. Either way, if a person is born with impressive vocal skills, then there’s an itch inside of him or her to scratch sooner or later, and that is when the concept of performing and entertaining people is taken from.

There are big stars today who have used social media to let the world know of their potential. Some have taken on streaming their song covers via Sound Cloud, while others get their opportunities on Facebook. Despite the multitude of social media forms that have spawned through the years, YouTube is certainly one of the pillars, and this social media site has been the channel for ‘shy’ musicians to expose what they can really do.

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Born Troye Sivan Mellet, this 20-year old singer offered the planet his talent by being a prolific YouTube user. Currently, Troye Sivan is a superstar in this social media network, having garnered as much as 3.6 million subscribers and 203 million views in the videos he uploaded.

Hailing from the progressive city of Johannesburg in South Africa, Sivan used YouTube to publish his versions of a multitude of tracks, attracting different echelons of the music industry. Aside from being extremely famous on YouTube, this young talented artist was casted in famous shot movies, which he said are only branches of what he can do as a full-pledged singer.

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After establishing a good fan base as a ‘vlogger’ and his few movie stints, Troye Sivan had taken his career to the next level by releasing his first major EP entitled TRXYE.

Not surprisingly, avid Sivan fans are excited for their idol’s latest venture, sending it off successfully to the fifth spot on the US Billboard’s Hot 200. While TRXYE was made public in 2014, many music analysts commented that this EP is still reaching a wider audience given its continuous patronization in a global scale.

Troye Sivan’s orientation in music started at an early age and he has been seen to participate in Australian-wide singing competitions, which further enriched his desire to become a mainstream act. As of the moment, Sivan was signed up by the huge music firm EMI Australia, and is producing more tracks under their management. Sivan is also known to be a budding songwriter with huge hidden potential.

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His first extended play also topped iTunes in 55 countries, a feat that’s rare for a rising artist. TRXYE’s lead single entitled Happy Little Pill is a major success after it peaked on other listing associations such as the ARIA Singles Chart and exceeded 35,000 copies sold gaining gold status from the Australian Recording Industry Association. A follow-up EP rooted Troye Sivan as a musical protégé when Wild was favorably received and applauded.

Being the creative lad that he is, Troye Sivan bolstered this sophomore EP by releasing an intriguing music video trilogy for tracks Wild, Fools and Talk Me Down. Just last year, Troye Sivan ventured even higher by putting forth his first studio album, Blue Neighborhood, which sealed his career to soar in the coming years.

Presently, Blue Neighborhood has accumulated a whopping total of $129,000 in sales and placed well on numerous charts such as in Canada (11th), Ireland (30th), the US (7th) and the UK (43rd).

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