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The dilemma is real – many people, especially those that who belong to younger age groups suffer from hearing loss due to excessive exposure to loud sounds from ear and head phones.

The modern population may be blessed with advancements in technology that mostly caters to entertainment, but abusing high tech electronics – no matter how useful they can seem – may still lead to unfavorable results if utilized in an unhealthy way. 16-year old Kingsley Cheng who designed Aegis Pro – a headphone that’s said to take care of the ear through its intricately designed audio output, discerned the same.

Driven by the research he conducted after getting numerous reminders from his parents, Kingsley proved that listening to music for a prolonged period of time in high volume poses a significant risk of hearing loss. Backed by World Health Organization, studies shows that over a billion people are at the verge of this perilous possibility by baring themselves to heavy music.

Though the market is loaded with earphones that utilize ear-caring architecture, none so far targets an in-depth concept down to its core. Accordingly, it is said that the healthy length of time that a person should listen to sounds would be 8 hours at the rate of 8dB.

Said to be the first of its kind, Aero Pro headphones are specifically made to take care of the ears by minimizing the unwanted noise through its noise canceling technology named ‘jamsDefender.’ This is said to take away unnecessary noise up to 95 % and maintains the sound at safe amount of 8bD.

Aesthetically made through its volume limiting engineering with the use of digital decibel equalizers, each earpiece comes with two speakers all with the aim of staying away from bass – heavy approaches that most brands pick up. Loud sounds may damage the nerves, which is one of the primary reasons why hearing depreciates.

What is more impressive about this noble technology is its alliance with, a crowd-funding platform that aims to aid creative projects in the field of music, technology, photography, etc. Aegis Pro has gained substantial amounts of interest that it is already funded by backers to up to 400% as of today. Release of the first batch is expected to be in early January, and to convey gratitude to the public who made the project even more possible, the brand promises honest pricing with a special edition protective case for each head phone pre-order.

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