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The glitz and the bling that surround KPOP make this genre very appealing especially for the younger generation. With this kind of music, the fashionable and eccentric clothes we usually get from dolls come to life. It’s like a fantasy creating form within the bounds of reality. Aside from that, the modelesque physiques and talent that arm KPOP performers make the genre glisten even more brightly.

KPOP girl group F-VE Dolls is one of the most famous acts in the genre. The band that was originally formed in 2011 was a subgroup of another band called Coed School. Contrary to their name, F-VE Dolls is composed of six members namely Hyoyoung, Seunghee, Yeonkyung, Hyewon, Eunkyo and Nayeon. Their girly fashion sense inspired by the preppy style of school dolls is one of the reasons why this girl group became noticeable above all other KPOP girl groups.

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F-VE Dolls released their first singles entitled Lips Stains and I Mean You the same year they left from their mother group. Just like other celebrities, the group wasn’t able to get away from controversies as they were accused of the worst ‘crime’ any singer can commit – lip synching.

The band was able to go past this when they released their lead single Like This or That from their mini album called Time To Play. The song became an instant hit. This even made them 2011’s rookie of the year because of the success and sales volume their album generated.

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The promising trail of their career continued years after as the band religiously released singles to feed their fans’ clamor. Their First Love mini album released in 2013 served as their comeback piece and an attempt to pacify rumors about parting ways.

Considered to be very premature given the years they’ve worked together, the band’s agency then confirmed that the circulating gossip was true when it was announced that the members will pursue different paths.

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