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The anticipated song written by Sam Smith for the latest installment of the James Bond film Spectre is now out and the song climbed all its way to the top spot just days after its release. Thanks to the heightened anticipation and hype mostly from the social media and Smith’s flawless ability in composing tracks with soulful rhythm, this song is the first ever to top the charts among other Bond theme songs. Just when we thought Adele’s ‘Sky Fall’ is the best a Bond movie has to offer, the succeeding single was even better.

With sales of 70,000 and counting since the first week after its release, we can say that this new James Bond song has fueled the excitement for the upcoming movie that’s scheduled to be unveiled on November 6th in the United States.

It seems like the music industry’s gem didn’t expect such reception from listeners. “It was such an honor to be asked to write and record ‘Writing’s on the Wall’, and it’s incredible that it’s become the first Number 1 Bond theme song,” Smith mentioned during his interview with Official Charts. (Cited:

The 23-year old singer was able to brush off Justin Bieber’s lead leaving his 13,000 sales in the dust. The stars of the English singer are very much aligned as it is not the first time he was able to reach the top spot for the Official Charts.

Not only does he capture audiences from his birth place but also international listeners. There is charm and sincerity in his lyrics and his voice conveys an appropriate message from the song he is singing. Let us emphasize that the versatility is there. Good heavens, the singer can reach high notes and can also work well with low keys.

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