Rotterdam after rebuilt, a must-see new town feel



As opposed to the celebrated feel-old facade of the majority of towns in Europe, Rotterdam is a refreshing take on modernity and present-day vibes through its structures and sights.

‘Resilience’ is the word that this city speaks as it triumphantly revived after destruction from bombing during World War II.

The efforts of rehabilitation and rebuilding paid off because through its architecture and city layout, Rotterdam successfully proved it can surpass ruination.


Centrum cijfers.indd

(2)Rotterdam map

Known to have Europe’s largest port and second largest city, Rotterdam is found in South Holland in the Netherlands. The land area covers a total of 208.80 square kilometers and has an estimated population of more than 620,000.

As a matter of fact, it is even on the list of most populous urban areas in the world. The city is divided into two parts, northern and southern.


A day in Rotterdam

(3)A day in Rotterdam

Classified as having an oceanic climate, it is ideal to travel to the city in July and August because these months have average temperature.

While the warmest month is August, the coolest is January. Tourists might want to stay away in October because this happens to be the wettest month, and might want to lean on April because this is driest month.


Transportation in Rotterdam

(4) Transportation in Rotterdam

Rotterdam The Hague Airport serves international direct flights going to Germany, Italy, France, Spain and the UK.

There is public transport available just outside the airport that brings people to the city center. Trains are also another mode of transportation that can pass through Belgium and France.

Eurolines also serve Rotterdam that roam around major cities in Europe.


Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk

Grote of Sint Laurenskerk

(5) Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk

This is the last medieval building that was left standing after the city was bombed back in World War II. This was built during the 15th century and renovated in 1650.

The gorgeous interior paired with stained glass is a sight to behold. Aside from its design, the church is also known for its Danish organs and the bronze war-and-peace themed door.

Cube Houses

Cube houses

(6)Cube houses

The city is mostly designed with modern architecture and cube houses are one of its many successful attempts to obtain a modern facade.

These seemingly weird but functional designs are the brainchild of Dutch architect Piet Blom. These block houses adorn the city beautifully and they are perfect for sightseeing, especially when roaming around Rotterdam.

Royal Zoo

Royal zoo

(7)Royal Zoo

If seeing the contemporary city somewhat exhausts the eyes, going to the Royal Zoo can serve as an easy fix.

Considered as the oldest in the Netherlands, the Royal Zoo is known for taking care of young elephants and red pandas. There are also exotic birds and aquariums for different species found mostly in the Americas.



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