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Of all the music genres available, metal is definitely one of the most popular. While the mainstream industry is more of light rock, R&B and pop, there exists a genre that embodies noise, purposive use of loud instruments and percussions, and metaphors thrown in between lyrics. Metal is the kind of music you play when you’ve had a very bad day at the office or when you want to release any bottled-up anger.

Luckily, metal has branched out into different styles, making it more personal and identifiable instead of just one huge field. The variations make it easier for listeners to personalize the genre. With different shades, people can adore this genre even more, and one band that comes to mind if you want that ‘metal’ flexibility is known as Otep.

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Showing diversity in skills and orientation, Otep can simultaneously play different types of metal such as NU metal, alternative metal, gothic metal, rap metal and extreme metal. They flourished by playing one metal music style to the next and easily attracted audiences throughout the course of their career.

Hailing from the flamboyant city of Los Angeles, California, Otep is considered as one of the most revered metal groups in all of history through their prolific exposures as entertainers. Starting their seemingly distant ambition to be superstars in their chosen genre, Otep first have played on stage by participating in an invite sent to them by Ozzfest. Since then, the band has graced the stage of this event, earning more and more minions along the way.

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Otep is actually an anagram for the word ‘poet’ and was inspired by the name of lead vocalist, Otep Shamaya. Currently, the other band members include Ari Mihalopoulos in guitars, Justin Kier handling drums and Andrew Barnes for the touring bass. The quartet launched their official career by releasing their first studio album in June 2002 entitled Sevas Tra, which can also be considered an anagram for “Art Saves.”

After a few weeks, the album’s strength increased, making this Capitol-produced venture soar to the US Billboard charts at 145th place and 86th in the United Kingdom. They immediately followed with a stronger comeback for their sophomore album, House of Secrets, establishing the band as a relevant part of the metal genre, with bold approaches in instruments and impressive color channeled through the band’s vocals.

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Four more albums have been released by Otep which are The Ascension (2007), Smash the Control Machine (2009), Atavist (2011) and Hydra (2013). Just last April, Otep managed to craft their seventh studio album entitled Generation Doom, which was favorably received by their large fan base, topping the charts in US Indie (10th place) and US Rock charts (7th spot).

The band also successfully created a live album in 2012, which was sponsored by Victory Records and widely known by the title ‘Sounds like Armageddon’. Some of the most popular tracks from all of Otep’s studio albums include Rise, Rebel, Resist, Fists Fall, Not to Touch the Earth, Warhead, Ghost Flowers, Breed and Perfectly Flawed.

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