Recreating Dooney & Bourke’s Legacy through New Bag Line

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A classic is definitely difficult to replace and only its makers can create a new version to top it. We have seen brands resurrect their old designs for the sake of innovation, while others do exert gargantuan efforts to produce a better version to utterly please their fans. Usually, the ‘pulling out of the closet’ move is done on anniversaries or special occasions and brands plan for it well to be successful.

We have seen eponymous fashion names such as Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci giving their market a breath of fresh air by revolutionizing some of their old blueprints to offer the hypnotizing beauty of the new. This year, another respectable fashion name is about to exude the same virtue, and they mean business in celebrating their 40th anniversary.

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Founded in 1975, the Connecticut-based leather goods company Dooney & Bourke is commemorating their 45 years in the industry through the release of an enhanced classic product soon to hit the market. Dooney and Bourke have been widely known for their sophisticated approach in producing leather products such as bags and wallets, targeting all genders for their market.

Designer Peter Bourke and businessman Frederic Dooney have fused their skills to expand the brand’s market reach and product sustainability over the years, making them one of the most stable leather-goods manufacturers in the world.

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Long gone are the tiring sessions at the flea market as Dooney and Bourke is now considered a status symbol. On their 40th anniversary, the brand cleaned their slate and released the Verona Collection, a line that’s a sure hit to their loyal patrons since the day they started. Now available for pre-orders and purchase, the Verona Collection is available at the bran’s official website, and is expected to be exported to other countries as well.

The brand’s main goal for this specific line is to make people remember where they came from and what more they can do with what they currently have. Definitely a perfect embodiment of the past meeting the present, the Verona Collection is such a treat for leather bag lovers who don’t want to spend that much money on such an irresistible investment.

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Owner Frederic Dooney himself chose to revive the tongue-and-loop bags which made the brand so famous during the 1990s and are said to be the main component of the famous All-Weather Range they had back then. Also, the team has decided to retain the trusted materials used for the past line including smooth and pebbled leather elements.

Buyers will also have the chance to pick between 11 color palates available for the Verona Collection, which are carefully hand-picked including aubergine, blue, white and red. This line will also make use of a matte-finish logo plate to signify the brand’s ceaseless attempts to modernize.

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