Recounting Interesting Tales of the World’s Greatest Sorcerers


You’ve been tightly hooked on watching too many Harry Potter movies and reading some Merlin books that you get to wonder if sorcerers and magicians truly exist. In a world where loopholes are always present and many things crave to be explained, it is quite ‘natural’ for people to believe the unexplainable and the mysterious.

Magic is a fun topic to stretch during discussions and there has been a plethora of instances, establishing that it is indeed happening among us. It is with gladness that we jump into this void of wonder and whim, with high hopes that one day, magic and sorcery would all be out in the open for us to explore.


History has been kind to people when it comes to listing some sorcerers and episodes said to have truly materialized, establishing the frisky concept that sorcery, witchcraft and magic is a true occurrence.

Decades of belief and these stories might be the populace’s ticket to enter this portal full of wondrous things that only sheer magic and miracle can offer. Listed below are some of the world-renowned icons and happenings that explain why the current civilization should not discount the force of mystery in any way possible.


Japan has always considered Abe No Seimei to be the country’s ultimate Merlin. Seimei is the type of sorcerer who surpassed public ridicule and came-off unscathed and established, as he served as ‘omyodo’ to six different empires.

Folklore intended Seimei to be Japan’s ultimate source of supernatural powers and his skills have definitely protected all the emperors he served, protecting their kingdoms from the most evil spirits and plagues.

Some kabuki plays have shown Seimei to have a second sight, which he used to distinguish between normal human beings and those who are demonic in nature. Abe No Seimei is also known to be an alchemist of various spells to prevent harmful entities from hurting the families he served.


Showing his powers and skills throughout the whole of Jewish philosophy, stories say that Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel is the greatest sorcerer to have ever walked Prague. During his time, Bezalel and the community he was in were accused of kidnapping Christian children in exchange for blood to be used in rituals and prayers, which was never ever proven.

Bezalel, with all his mystic powers, created a golem to protect his fellowmen from all sorts of physical attacks from those who thought maliciously of his community. He also got the ability of identifying the dead as an added protection, giving safety and peace to the whole of Prague.


It was rage and vengeance that made John of Nottingham one of the most famous magicians in European culture. People of Coventry, England enlisted John’s help in destroying the oppressive dictatorship brought about by a chamberlain named Hugh Despenser in 1324.

It is with John of Nottingham’s magical prowess that the world came to know what it was like to put punish using the voodoo dolls, though John used life-sized wax figures of people he wanted to inflict pain upon. John of Nottingham’s sorcery included giving people amnesia, along with several leaden spells that result to pain and suffering, and even death.

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