Ready-to-purchase fashion unveiled in Marks & Spencer’s recent collection

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Retail store Marks & Spencer already presented its autumn collection this year, but unlike the olden time’s tradition wherein only the who’s who of fashion get pieces earlier than their actual release, the brand innovated by making it available as early as possible for everyone.

Marks & Spencer jumped into the bandwagon of the see-now-buy-now trend when it comes to fast fashion together with other known labels such as Burberry and Tom Ford. This brand behavior will allow people to make purchases of their latest collections without breaking a sweat as these collections will be readily available in their stores even if it is too early for the intended season.

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It may be summer in most places, but Marks & Spencer’s 2016 autumn collection is definitely wearable even amid the hot weather.

Characterized by midi skirts, knits, wide legged pants and the return of culottes, the brand definitely offered a wide range of pieces that are wearable in summer, autumn and even the cold weather of fall. The collection embodies timeless British fashion as shown in most parts of the collection.

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It is like street style meets glam because each part of the collection is wearable and can go well when it comes to mixing and matching. The genius concept of universal functionality in design translated into clothes not only helps brands to convert their collection into real time sales, it also feeds the shoppers’ desire for satisfaction by getting the latest in the world of fashion through buying.

The trend of straight from the runway availability in terms of garments is groundbreaking because it defies the old behavior of the industry wherein only A-listers and fashion editors have exclusive access to the early release of collections. This behavior of fashion houses somehow creates an equal chance between the common buyers and the privileged to provide a fair opportunity for all.

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