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If you’re blessed enough to reside in a developing city where comfort and purpose meet, then you’d definitely adore the ambience that is found in Rabat, Morocco. Gone were the days when this humble area was tagged as one of the dullest places in the country.

Now, you’d love the laid-back ambience, the streets lined with palm trees, the handful of artisan restaurants and museums and the smell of the working class going about their daily lives.

Hailing from a fusion of many cultures and influences, Rabat is dotted with sprawling architectures and towering buildings while keeping the whole vicinity reasonably calm for you to relax and have an awesome time. Rabat is truly a chance that you should never miss as it will definitely course you through a journey of familiar sensations and conventional treats.




Geographically, the huge city of Rabat is located at the mouth of Bou Regreg, a river connected to the vast Atlantic Ocean. Specifically, Rabat is seen on Morocco’s northern tip and covers a total land area of 45.17 square miles.

Rabat is at 135 meters above sea level and is currently populated by almost 580,000 citizens, ranking 7th terms of Morocco’s population. Rabat is also known to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site subdivided into three factions: Medina, Oudayas/Hassan and the neighborhood perched in front of the Atlantic Ocean




Due to its proximity to a huge body of water, Rabat has a Mediterranean climate with a fusion of Oceanic according to Koppen. Rabat experiences cooler winter days and refreshing summer episodes. Since Rabat is technically a harbor city, rainfall can be experienced the whole year round, with the strongest months starting in November and stretches up to April.

On an annual scale, Rabat gets a total of 21.85 inches of rainfall and roughly 76 rainy days. Annual temperature is around 21.7-21.9-degrees Celsius which can drop to as low as 0.5-degrees Celsius in July. The average sunshine for Rabat is recorded at 2,918 hours in a year.




If traveling by air, the only option for travelers is the Rabat-Sale Airport. This aviation terminal is said to serve both domestic and international flights 24/7. Once inside Rabat, you can travel using their railway stations operated by their government.

Expect sophistication and well-mannered trips from the Rabat-Ville Train Station which will then connect you to nearby cities and towns like Casablanca, Marrakech, El Jadida, Tanger, Fes, Taza, Oujda and Meknes.

Just recently opened, the Rabat-Sale Tramway has an impressive dual line running on a stretch of 12 miles. Here, you’ll have specific station stops that are beneficial for those who want to skim the inner veins of Rabat.

What to See

Moroccan Museum of Money



If you’re in for a refreshing journey in visiting museums, then head to the Moroccan Museum of Money and be amazed by how curators spent time to ensure that you would be delighted.

Here, you’ll follow Moroccan history with their well-preserved coinage and vintage notes which dating as far back as the Roman period. There are also Oriental paintings, Moroccan abstract and other forms of art linked to Rabat’s splendid culture.




Visit Chellah if you yearn for a scenic view. The ruins of this place are reminiscent of Phoenician culture and other influences found in this area.

Chellah is now covered with various floras while the bricks of the past still stand in its yellow and crumbling state. Take a long walk on this stretch of ancient land and release some tension after a stroll around the city.

Kasbah les Oudaias



Situated in the city’s oldest area, the Kasbah les Oudaias is predominantly residential and whitewashed, all with a touch of Muslim vibe because they primarily reside here.

Now, it is a favorite destination for travelers who seek tranquil landscapes and relaxing views. This is the best way to cap your afternoon.

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