Protecting Kids on the Digital Landscape through Site Selections

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With the improvements that can be observed in the world nowadays, parents are also on the move to ensure that their kids won’t get into anything that might corrupt their very innocent and naïve minds. Seeing a child holding tightly onto a tablet when strolling in the mall, or schools reinforcing e-Learning are really not surprising anymore. We have immersed ourselves and our kids into the inevitable role of technology in our lives.

Despite the fact that we’re fully aware of the random things that can be found on the Internet, we cannot avoid the possibility that our children, or the younger generation for that matter, might use these advantageous devices differently from our earlier years. For parents, guardians and people with little ones to protect, read about the websites below for you to ensure clean and fun web surfing will for your children.

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The juggernaut called the Internet is a huge cistern of information that can be beneficial or harmful to the people who will subscribe to its power. Since not all web content is filtered properly, there will be bits of data straying away from what’s deemed acceptable to the society. Since parents are not always present to restrict their children from using the Internet, many experts suggest installing security features on your web browsers to soften the harmful blow.

Also, the openness of this field of information is said to be detrimental to a child’s cognitive and social development sometimes, so we need to keep a keen eye on this. Parents must be sensitive enough to know and examine which content is considered explicit and inappropriate so that they can to explain to their kids the need for blocking these off from their comprehension.

As parents or elders, it is a major responsibility to ensure that a safe digital environment will be upheld. While it is never suggested that you completely restrain your children from using the Internet, we should be responsible enough to know the appropriate time to stop them from having full access. We must also not discount the benefits of being connected to learning, provided that they subscribe to something educational and informative.

Keeping children’s digital safety should be the main goal, and we must act on it before we can let the generations after us become warped by this huge Pandora’s Box. Also, we must set rules and regulations to solidify the act and make our children mindful of what they can and cannot do.

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Some of the websites that parents and children can subscribe to without any fear of being exposed to harmful information are already on the digital landscape. Kidz Search (, for one, acts like the conventional Google page with strict search and results security. One feature that this kid-friendly site offers is its independence from a computer’s settings, may it be browsers or cookies.

Using the patented Google Custom Search and SafeSearch Technology, Kidrex ( lets you be free of any worries as the main search engine is powered and protected in the most sophisticated manner possible. Parents might also want to visit online sites such as Kidtopia (, Teach the Children Well (, GoGooligans ( and Kids Click ( for more options in sheltered search engines.

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