Primavera Sound 2016 Will Put You in a Musical Whirlwind

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Spain is a country made famous by festivities and celebrations with loud, bursting music. The Spanish are known to be very accommodating people, and countless tales in Spain have been documented by first-hand experiences over the last couple of years. In every Spanish celebration comes a wide array of musical selections that are pleasing to the ears. Their rich culture, strong following and sheer piles of talent made music in Spain worth knowing.

The people of this country have treated music as if it flows directly from their veins, and in every activity that happens, the influence of sound and lyrics is a must. The mix of genres played and the wide plethora of artists who want to perform in the glory of this country can now be experienced under one celebration known as ‘Primavera Sound’.

Started in 2001, Primavera Sound is now an annual event taking place in the captivating city of Barcelona, attracting hordes of musical fanatics from all over the globe. Usually, this musical extravaganza is held between the months of May and June, conforming to the schedules of artists they will invite over.

Dubbed to be one of the largest music festivals in Spain, Primavera Sound is an event awaited by music lovers all over the planet due to its impressive set of artists and musicians together with the ambience of Barcelona. Primavera Sound is always specifically in the Parc Del Forum leisure site, a wide expanse of land meant for huge congregations.

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Worldwide business mogul San Miguel is fortunate to be the festival’s official sponsor. The festival’s ability to gather foreign and local artists has been highlighted by analysts and tagged as the greatest asset behind its success for so many years.

Some of the music genres people can enjoy in Primavera Sound include alternative, rock, indie, dance, electronic and hip-hop. Primavera Sound also gives way to smaller genres such as folk, jazz and experimental music, giving festgoers a very memorable experience. The unbridled success of Primavera Sound has generated a visiting capacity of 100,000 since 2010.

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If you can’t get enough of Primavera Sound in Barcelona, music lovers can immerse themselves in an instalment to be held in Porto, Portugal entitled ‘NOS Primavera Sound’. This has been a concept since Primavera Sound 2012, meant to reach a wider audience while using the same set of performers.

Some of the most notable performances that graced Primavera/NOS Primavera Sound include Sonic Youth, The National, Smashing Pumpkins, Neil Young, The Cure, Blur, Arcade Fire, Lou Reed, The White Stripes, Primal Scream and many more.

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For 2016’s instalment, Primavera Sound will take place on June 1 to 5, with an amazing list of artists expected to perform. This year, organizers have been preparing for a larger number of attendees due to its hype from 2015.

Artists like Action Bronson, Young Husband, Chairlift, Wild Nothing, Explosions in the Sky, Freddie Gibbs, Siberian Wolves, Cabaret Voltaire, Alessandro Cortini, Baywaves, Angel Witch, Julia Holter, Optimo and Inspira are expected to set the stage on fire for this year’s edition.

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